Mrs. Stone's Class


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Hi, my name is Mrs. Stone. This is my third year teaching at Jewett, and my second year teaching 4th grade. I have 2 kids; a 6 year old girl that is attending Jewett this year and a 17-month old girl that gets to hang out with her Grammie while I am teaching. We live on 5 acres in Eagle Point with our 2 dogs, chicken, rabbit, and numerous deer and other wild animals wandering around. I enjoy gardening (when the deer aren't eating it), scoring great e-bay deals, and of course hanging out with my family.


I am so excited to be teaching 4th grade again! To me, 4th grade brings new responsibilities for students. I try to run my class so that each child is accountable for their education as much as possible. Bringing homework home and back to school again, remembering shoes for intramurals, getting papers signed by parents, and being prepared for school with proper materials are all things we work hard on in 4th grade. However, we also have a lot of fun! I've really enjoyed these first weeks of school and getting to know your children. What a fun group of kids!