About Mr. Madole

Hi, my name is Jim Madole. I began teaching at Niver Creek in August of 2000. Most of those years were spent teaching either Geography or American History.  Then I discovered AVID! After teaching both Geography and AVID in 2008-2009, I made the switch full time to AVID in 2009-2010.

I am a graduate of Adams County District 12, having attended Northglenn Junior High (many years ago, before it was a Middle School), and then graduating from Thornton High. I graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma and moved back to Colorado.  I love coaching sports.  Here at Niver I have coached softball, football, and boys and girls basketball.  Currently I am the JV Baseball coach at Northglenn High School, where I have been coaching baseball since 2001.

Some of my favorite things to do are reading, and going to my nephews football games.  I also enjoy traveling and visiting Presidential Museums.  So far I have been to see Reagan's, Bush's (Bush Sr.), Johnson's, and Eisenhower's.  I would really like to travel to the East Coast to visit JFK's, and FDR's.