7th Grade English Syllabus

Ms. Jennifer Jacobs 


Below are some guidelines and expectations for the upcoming school year.  I look forward to working closely with my students and their parents to enable them to achieve excellence in their academic career. Each student has valuable insights and ideas about the world and his or her place in it. In my classroom, we respect different cultures and ideas; additionally, we will show respect for our fellow students, teachers, parents, and administrators. I embrace ideas, technologies, and many different learning experiences. I also embrace my parent’s ideas and concerns about their students’ progress in my class. I extend an open invitation to come into our class and become a part of it anytime you would like. This year is going to be incredibly creative, rich, and successful for your sons and daughters. I am anxious to meet everyone and embark on a new and exciting learning adventure! 

Student Expectations:

Complete all assignments in a timely manner.

Attend class regularly.

Bring to class one subject English notebook, loose-leaf paper, pencils, blue or black pens, and assigned textbooks – EVERYDAY.

Pay attention and stay on task.Ask questions when you do not understand.Give 100% everyday and come with a positive attitude. 

Classroom Rules:

Enter class on time and in a quiet, orderly manner.

Keep all objects, hands, and feet to one’s self.

Be respectful to our school and fellow classmates.

Always ask permission to leave your seat.

Listen to all directions the first time they are given.

Discipline Policy:

Students should strive to follow all rules, procedures, and routines. Any student who disturbs their classmates learning will be disciplined. Consequences for disruptive students will always be as follows: 

First Offense: Student will be corrected by the teacher and asked if they understand what is expected of them. Their name will be written on the board. 

Second Offense: The student will be warned this is their second offense and a check will be placed beside their name. A telephone to a parent to inform them of the second offense will occur as well as the student reporting to the office. 

Third Offense: I will schedule a parent/teacher conference to discuss the issue with the student and their parents. This meeting will determine the next appropriate action concerning the correction of the student’s behavior. 

More Than Three Offenses: Student will be handed over to administration to determine proper course of action. These may include suspension or alternative school. Serious offenses, such as physical violence towards a classmate or teacher will result in immediate administrative intervention. 

Assessment:Students will be assessed in several different ways, including daily work, homework, test, and projects.  All major grades will come from announced tests (grammar, literature, composition) and projects.  Assessments will tap into both creative and analytical skills. Break down of grades are as follows:                                            

Tests                                     50%                                                       

Classwork/Homework        30%

Projects                                 20%

Make-up Work:It is the student’s responsibility to get his or her make-up work after an absence(s); missed assignments will be posted on the “Make-Up Work” bulletin board for each student. They will need to automatically check that broad after they have been absent. All make-up work should be completed within a week.  If a student misses a test, the student should arrange a time to make-up the test. I am available during 1st period (planning).  I am also willing to make-up tests before or after school if the student makes an appointment with me first. 

Progress Reports:A progress report will be given to any student with an average of seventy or less midway through the grading period.  From time or time, reports of student improvement and student mastery will also be provided.  As a parent you have the right to know how your student is doing in class.  I will keep STI updated, and urge you to participate in STI Home.  If you email me, I will also be more than willing to send a progress report home either through the student or by email. 

Course Content:Grammar, literature, spelling, and vocabulary will be taught using an integrated approach.  Literature will include short stories, nonfiction, novel, mythology, folktales, drama, and poetry.  Grammar units will include parts of speech, parts of a sentence, kinds of sentences, and major grammatical errors.  Composition will cover four modes of writing: descriptive, narrative, expository, and persuasive.  Other units will be taught as deemed necessary through student evaluation.