Wish List

Wish List

I know that times are hard right now for everyone. 

This wish list was created to help me supply the students in class with consumable items.

Donation of these items are NOT REQUIRED.  Your student's grade will not be negatively impacted if you choose not to donate.  If you do choose to donate, your child will earn one bonus point per item brought to be added to one assignment grade at the end of the nine weeks.

  • Kleenex
  • Germx (pump)
  • Multi-purpose copier paper (the cheapest you can find please)
  • standard-size staples
  • eraser markers for white board (again - the cheapest you can find)

More will be added as the school year progresses, and I see what we use the most during class.  If you cannot donate supplies, don't worry!  I completely understand.  Perhaps you can donate time to our class or our school!  Feel free to contact the school for further information.