Classroom Discipline Policies

Discipline Policy:

Students should strive to follow all rules, procedures, and routines. Any student who disturbs their classmates learning will be disciplined. Consequences for disruptive students will always be as follows: 

First Offense: Students will be corrected by the teacher and asked if they understand what is expected of them. Their name will be written on the board.

Second Offense: The student will be warned this is their second offense and a check will be placed beside their name. A telephone to a parent to inform them of the second offense will occur as well as the student reporting to the office. 

Third Offense: I will schedule a parent/teacher conference to discuss the issue with the student and their parents. This meeting will determine the next appropriate action concerning the correction of the student’s behavior. 

More Than Three Offenses: Student will be handed over to administration to determine proper course of action. These may include suspension or alternative school. Serious offenses, such as physical violence towards a classmate or teacher will result in immediate administrative intervention (See Handbook).