5 Paragraph Essay Notes

    5 Paragraph Essay 

Introduction = (1st paragraph) introduces your topic to your reader


Parts in your Introduction Paragraph:

            1. Hook: (1-2 sentences) = hooks your reader into reading your essay

            2. Background = anything your reader needs to know before reading the rest of

                                       your essay.

            3. Thesis statement = sentence that tells your reader the main point of your essay


Body Paragraphs = you will have 3 body paragraphs in a 5 paragraph essay


            Body Paragraphs are the longest paragraphs in your essay.

            Each body paragraph will have ONE idea in it.

            Body Paragraphs are filled with 1) details, 2) events, or 3) story


Conclusion = (last paragraph) sums up what your essay is about


Parts to your Conclusion:

            1. Restate your thesis = state your thesis statement using different words

            2. “So What?” = explains why your paper is so important to write about