Jennifer Hamilton's Electronic ESOL Binder

Electronic ESOL Binder of Jennifer Hamilton

      Table of Contents

I.       School-Based Resources for ESOL

           A. Hillsborough County Florida maintains a website for their public school system.

      offers teachers and parents an array of information for the Hillsborough County ESOL program.

                a. Calendar of Events

                b. ESOL Strategies

                c. Bilingual School Psychologists

                d. Immigrant Acculturation Center

                e.Title III Grant Information

                f. Contact Information

II.     Commercial resources for ESOL-the following are pedagogically sound products for ESOL that I would suggest for my school's PTA to purchase for ESOL students and their teachers.

             A. Photo tiles-short and long vowels  $64.95 

               These colorful photo tiles can boost phonemic awareness and phonic usage.  They have magnetic photographs and matching word tiles that would develop oral and written skills.  Students could work collaberatively to sort, classify and explore new vocabulary.  Also, these could be used for one-on-one assessment.  I would use these also in whole class assessment.


           B. Emotion Cubes  $14.99

                These affordable cubes help students learn to recognize and discuss emotions with these four foamcubes.  These cubes feature real life images of children portraying different emotions.  They could be used in a small group setting or would be ideal for centers.  Because the cubes are foam, they are perfect for quiet group work while others in the classroom are working.


           C. At Home ESL Bingo Game  $14.99

                This fun and affordable bingo game is a great tool to review commonly used words in the home.  It offers various methods of playing the game.  For example: a teacher can call out a word and the student would match an image to the word.  Or, point to an image on a poster and a student could also find a match.  This game helps students to improve oral and written language recognition.

            D. Reading Rods for ELL's Basic Vocabulary Building Kit  $144.99

                 This beginning level manipulative helps to welcome newcomers to the English language while still honoring their first language and cultures.  This kit helps students learn alphabet awareness and introduces phonics and word building concepts.  These are customizable to each student's needs and abilities.  This portable kit could be used school wide, making the investment worth every penny.  I would recommend using this kit to make connections between home culture and build background knowledge.


            E. Basic Grammar in Use Student's Book Reference and Practice for Students of English  By Raymond Murphy  $26.00

                This "must have" reference guide is a great tool for any teacher of ELL students.  The book is easy to follow and focuses on the structure of English Grammer.  It offers lots of examples and lessons for the ELL's at a veriety of levels starting at beginner and ending at intermediate.

III.    Picture/clipart resources-The following are websites that would benefit both primary and secondary teachers.

          A.  This site has a plethora of drawings and pictures that can be printed a flashcards or used to make digrams for the classroom.

          B.  This site has premade flashcards that can be used in the classroom or sent home with students. 

          C.  This site offers many different flashcards that can be incorparated into many ESOL lessons.

          D.  This site offers a mutitude of pieces of clipart to use in the classroom.  Clipart can be used to make posters and diagrams or even used in powerpoint presentations.

         E.  This site offers clipart that students and teachers can use in the classroom to create games and skits.

IV.     Resources for ESOL- These are specialized texts, picture books, or picture dictionaries.

          A. Oxford Picture Dictionary  $19.95  Oxford Press

           This highly acclaimed hard back book is full of colorful pictures that would benefit any ESOL classroom.  this book could be used as a refernce tool for students to look up challenging vocabulary words.  The bright photos and drawings are an added plus and make this book interesting to all ages.


          B. Painted Words: Marianthe's Story By Aliki Brandenberg,  Greenwillow Books, New York  $17.99

            This brightly colored picture book could be read to small groups or to a class of any age.  It offers diverse culture which could make that connection to home that is needed with ELL's.


         C.  How My Parents Learned to Eat  By Ira R. Friedman,  Houghton Mifflin Company Boston  $6.99

               This is a great ittle pictured story book that tells how two people learn to eat new foods in new diverse cultures.  This could be read outside, under a tree, on a cool day, to a small group of students.  This is a lighthearted story that would build a comfortable bond between a teacher and a learner of English while also helping native speakers to understand new cultures.

   my parents learned to eatumber=485870&searchString=how my parents learned to eat

           D.  I Hate English  By Ellen Levine, Scholastic Inc.  $35.94

                  This is a cute picutre book that is great for ESL classes about a young immigrant from Hong Kong who moves to New York's Chinatown and her journey to speak English.  All students will enjoy this story about diverse cultures.  This could be read to small groups aor a teacher helper could read it to a small group outside.


             E.  This is the Way We Go to School-ABook About Children Around the World  By Edith Baer,  Scholastic Inc. $6.99

                 This is a picture book about kids around the world  and how they go to school by bus, skis, vaporetto, even by radio in this rhyming story that covers five continents. Includes list of homes and a map.   The rhyming and repitition are effective tools for teaching ELL's in small groups or to the entire class.  I would read this and then have my students repeat the words back to me while I show them the pictures in the book.  Then we would use the map to plot a trip to different countries.

V.        Word and language games The following are examples of two commercial games that can be used in the classroom or at home to help teach ELL's.

                 A. Boggle  A Hasbro Game  $34.99

                 Boggle is a game that contains a tray with sixteen dice that are lettered on all sides.  The lettered dice are randomly spread into the tray and a timer begins at the three minute countdown.  The object of the game is to find as many 2, 3 and 4 lettered words as possible.  Once the time is up, a dictionary may be used to challenge words.  The person with the most words, wins!  The beauty of this game is that it can be used for native English speakers and for ELL's.  To make this game work in the classroom a teacher needs a cloth bag to quiet the rattle noise that it makes.  Students could play this alone and challenge themselves against the timer or play with a small group.


              B. Boggle Junior  A Hasbro Game  $16.99

                Boggle Junior is played the same way as Boggle but would be beneficial for beginner ELL's because it has pictures with the words that help the new speller.


              C. Zingo  A Think Fun Game   $19.99

                Zingo is a fun variation of the old standard Bingo.  Zingo has word and picture tiles that are placed on a gameboard to the matching word and picture.  The tiles are spit out by a timed game contraption that add a flair of fun.  This game would work well with collaberative groups in the classroom.  It can be slightly noisey so I reccommend this for outside at a picnic table!



VI.     Resources for word and language games The following websites are resources for word and language games that can be used in an ESOL classroom.

                    A. offers a game called "Spell Check" that allows a students to identify the misspelled word that is in a group.  The studnet is then given an opportunity to spell the word correctly.  Once this is done they are rewarded by having their name put on a reward wall.  The positive reinforcement is wonderful for anew ELL and even a struggling native English speaker.  The game even has an online gradebook for tracking progress.



                B. offers an array of different games that can be used in an ESOl classroom.  The phonemic blender game listed below particularly stands out though.  The game can be used by multi level learners and multi level ELL's.  While it does not have a teacher tracking system, it still allows the students to check their own work.  I would recommend this stie to be used in the home or at a computer center in the classroom.            




                C. affers  multi level games that are beneficial for the modern day classroom.  Brain pop has teacher tracker and offers more challenging activites as the student progresses.   This site could be used at home or in the classroom during quiet time or centers.





        has some fun and interesting learning games for students of all levels of acqusition.  This site offers games with opposites, matching synonyms, verb phrases, and general knowledge games and even a mystery matching game.  I would use this site in my classroom for students to work independently or even recommend it for students to use this site in the privacy of their own home.


          has powerpoint presentations with games that can be used in the classroom on days that you need an activity for the entire class.  This site also has printable board games that can be used in centers of your classroom or sent home for students to play with family members.  This site has grammar games, wheel games and even features a game called "snakes and ladders" which is a take off of chutes and ladders.  I would use this in my classroom for a fun Friday activity.

VII.  Software  Specific software program for home or classroom

                A.  "English for Kids"  is a six CD box set  $55.99  ESL PRO


                This crystal jewel case six CD set uses a phonetic approach for teaching pronunciation to ELL's.  It also provides the learner with a native speaker model for learners to listen to and immitate.  The set provides grammar, vocabulary and game practice.  It uses fun-loving characters to make new learners feel comfortable and enjoy their learning experience.  This set meets the needs of new readers but can also progress with advancement.  The set has a tracking system so that educators can see how their students are learning.  The "English for Kids" box set is user friendly and kids of all ages will love it!

VIII.  Resources for software or websites for the classroom

          A. This site offers information for people in the voactional fields.  Schools that are trying to find job placement for ELL's would benefit from a program like this.

          B.  This site is for ESL teachers that are searching for a job or looking to place a resume online at a reliable site.   This would help students in my class gauge what it is like in the real world when it comes to finding a job position in our country or even abroad.

          C.  This site has many reasonably priced programs that can be purchased for any diverse classroom.  The wide range of programs would compliment any ESOL classroom that uses a wide range of manipulatives.  This site also has an online support to aid in troubleshooting in the classroom.

          D.  This very useful site has a tool that ELL's could use when learning to write new languages.  The program checks the spelling and grammar and makes suggestions for the corrections.  This would be a great tool for new writers when creating written text.

          E.  This multi language site can help people of many cultures learn a new language.  It has a link for adults and kids and would be great in the computer lab of any school.

IX.      Useful ESOL websites


           This New York State website offers up to date resources that ESOL teachers can benef it from. This site clearly defines the ESOL standards of the state and offers many teaching ideas for the ELL classroom.  I would use this site a reference tool to compare ideas and gain new ESOL knowledge.


             This unique site has links for over 30 different languges.  Not only does it offer many levels for English acquisition, it also has useful YouTube videos that could be shown in small groups or to an entire class.  It offers puzzles and also premade quizzes.


    provides a multitude of information all on this one site.  There are ESL job links, and also ESL teaching jobs that are abroad.  This site has podcast English lessons in all levels, teaches idioms, slang and proper English.   Most of the lessons are short and fun so they are perfect for toaday's busy individuals.


              This site, is like a one-stop shop for everything that you need.  It offers links for teachers and parents, resource websites for all things ESL, resources for ESL kids, general ESL sites, products and even support.  I would use this site as a reference for my classroom and refer parents to it for outside work.


     offers osmething for the classroom that I have found in not other online sites.  The "drag and drop" exercises are unique online games that culd be used in any ESOL classroom for all levels of acqusition.  this site also offers online classes, reading activites vocabualry and positive support.  I would use this site at my classroom computers for studnets to work independantly.


X.      Other Resources          


          This is a blog that I found that has an endless amount of ideas  and encouragement for an ESOL classroom.


            This is an online picture dictionary that would be great for practicing simple vocabulary.  It can be used in the home or in the classroom.  It does not require any partnering.


           This site has a very useful job board and resume' posting page.  This site also offers teacher and student help.