AP US History

Essay Due, Tuesday January 20th 2009

Presidental elections between 1928 and 1948 revealed major shifts in political party loyalties.  Analyze both the reasons for these changes and their consequences during this period.  


Homework...January 8th 2009 

  • In Bailey, Turn to page A103 [it is in the back of the book]
  • Choose one (1) DBQ to complete.
  • Due on Monday, January 12, 2009


PSDs Due for January 25th 2009 

Hello Everyone:

 Please use the below link to access the primary sources you must complete by the end of the semester.




You will need to select a specific chapter.

You will then have to click on "Internet Exercises" [to your left]

You will then complete a series of Primary Sources.

All are due by January 25th.  

Email all answers to mustoapus@yahoo.com

If you have any questions please let me know.... 


Chapter 26

        Complete the questions to the Universial Declartion of Human Rights or Yalta.

Chapter 27

        Complete both Jackie Robinson & Levittown.

Chapter 28

        Complete  Ike in the Cold War or The Feminine Mystique

Chapter 29

        Complete The Pentegan Papers or The New Left

Chapter 31

        Complete The End of the Berlin Wall