AP Computer Review Days

Attention: Even though we have a 2 hr delay on Thursday...we will still have the objective portion of the exam.  There will be no time to review before the exam.  Once you come in...we will start the exam.   


Due Thursday, January 29th-- 7 am

AP US Computer Review


  • To review the essential material that can be on the AP Exam in May
  • To score a proficient score on the quizes from each chapter from The American Pageant


Go to the following link:



Click on Select Chapter and select Chapter 1

Click on "ACE the Test" [it is to your left w/the blue background]

Once the webpage refreshes click on "ACE the Test" link [it will be in the middle of the webpage w/the white background]

Answer all the questions.

Once done click on "View/Save Progress"

Please send me a copy of your results....it is also a good idea to send yourself a copy as well.

Send it to mustoapus@yahoo.com

Continue to complete all of the "Ace the Test" for chapters 1-40. You do not need to do Chapter 20

Use this as a guide of what you should study for the Exit Exam and the AP Exam in May.