Face – A flat surface of a polyhedron


Edge – The line segment along which two faces of polyhedron intersect.


Vertex – On a polyhedron, the intersection of three or more faces; on a cone or pyramid, the top point.


Base – A face of a three-dimensional figure by which the figure is measured or classified.


Polyhedron - A three-dimensional figure in which all the surfaces or faces are polygons.


Prism – A polyhedron that has two congruent polygon-shaped bases and other faces that are all parallelograms.


Pyramid – A polyhedron with a polygon base and triangular sides that all meet at a common vertex.


Lateral surface – in a cylinder, the curved surface connecting the circular bases; in a cone, the curved surface that is not a base.


Cylinder – A three-dimensional figure with two parallel, congruent circular bases connected by a curved lateral surface.


Cone – A three-dimensional figure with one vertex and one circular base.


Sphere – A three-dimensional figure with all points the same distance from the center.

 Hemisphere - A half of a sphere.