Web 2.0 and Collaboration

Page Assignment:  Reflect upon the web application you explored in ED 505 for the class wiki and write a narrative on this page of how the Web 2.0 assignment in ED 505 met all parts of the standards below.
1. Ability to model and facilitate innovative digital-age work and learning experiences through the effective use of current and emerging tools to ensure success in a global and digital world whereby the teacher and learner locate, analyze, evaluate, manage, and report information as well as communicate and collaborate online fluently using a variety of technology-based media formats.

2. Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity by providing a variety of learning environments that foster collaboration and innovative thinking to solve real-world issues and authentic problems using digital tools and resources.


Block Posters

BLOCK POSTER.com is an excellent app to bring your classroom lesson to life! There are a number of ways an educator can utilize this program. 

In my type of setting where technology use by students is limited, I can bring creativity into my classroom with this program. I can take a picture representing what the lesson is trying to convey, and with this program, I can isolate specific areas of the picture and enlarge to poster-size the exact pieces I need the students to focus on. Thus they are receiving close to life-sized examples rather than the typical textbook images. This allows them to better understand what the lesson is trying to convey in a more meaningful and useful manner.

In a traditional classroom setting, I would be able to present a concept to my students, have them go out of the classroom using their tablets or smartphones to take a picture that they feel best represents the idea of the concept presented. They would then be able to take that image, crop it in a more meaningful way, and produce a poster that clearly represents their understanding of the concept they were presented with. They would be able to share this poster on paper or through digital sharing- whether that be a Google Doc for submission or posting to a discussion board for feedback.

In a world where the students are documenting their life on social media through pictures, this program brings together in a useful manner the students' social habits and classroom lessons to convey a concept in an authentic manner.