Contributing to the Profession: Grade Level/ Content Specific Resources

Yuku - Create Your Own Classroom Message Boards

Using, teachers can create their own classroom messageboards. I use mine to have students post freewrite and reading responses on a forum where they can read and comment on each others' posts. Students love the ability to read and respond to their peers responses, and I get to see every students' response on one page, which saves time compared to files shared on GoogleDrive that need to be opened one at a time. 

Tabroom / JoyofTournaments / - Introducing Debates into the classroom

I've included these three different websites as one resource since they are all essential to taking students to debates, but they are also good resources for introducing debates into the classroom. has many resources explaining the different kinds of common debates, the structures of those debates (time limits and rules), resources for different debate topics, and teaching strategies for incorporating debates into the classroom. Tabroom and joyoftournaments are websites where teachers can find different speech and debate events occuring around their schoools. As someone who never knew about the huge debate community until recently, these websites are priceless for getting started with speech or debate ideas or competitions. 

MrHoyesTokWebsite - Critical Thinking Resources for all subject areas

Although this website is designed as a resource for teaching the Theory of Knowledge IB course, I have found this website to be an amazing resource for developing essential questions that can help students relate content matter to their own personal lives. When students ask "why do we need to know this?" or "is this going to be on the test?" this website provides hundreds of different resources and prompts that can be used to help students think about how each class applies to their own lives, as well as how different classes are related to each other. I constantly use this website to find interesting resources and start class discussions about our over-arching learning goals.