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Monday: Notes over Chapter 2 Section 1

Tuesday- NO SCHOOL

Wednesday-Page 65 1-11

Thursday: Camoflauge Project: Scrapbook Adaptation Page (due Monday)

Friday: Quiz over Chapter 2: Symbiosis Activity

Science Standards for this week: 

0607.2.1                           Compare and contrast the different methods used by organisms to obtain nutrition in a biological community.

0607.2.2                           Create a graphic organizer that illustrates how biotic and abiotic elements of an environment interact.

0607.2.3                           Use a food web or energy pyramid to demonstrate the interdependence of organisms within a specific biome.

SPI 0607.2.1                        Classify organisms as producers, consumers, scavengers, or decomposers according to their role in a food chain or food web.

SPI 0607.2.2                        Interpret how materials and energy are transferred through an ecosystem.

SPI 0607.2.3                        Identify the biotic and abiotic elements of the major biomes.