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Vocabulary Words 


time long
balloon from
present skating
birthday party

ELAKR4. The student demonstrates the ability to read orally with speed, accuracy, and expression. (Study your weekly sentences.)

a. Reads previously taught high frequency words at the rate of 30 words correct per minute.


Robust Vocabulary-



encourage differ
ability confident
reverse feast
gusto prepare
appetite savor
urgency aroma
surround tradition
sly proceed
apparel announced
imaginary precisely
gigantic voyage
gasped glum
whimper active
anxious huddle
moans productive
ide scrumptious
fading perhaps
prefer warn
whirl property
load bound
steep drooped
joyous thrill
fantasy jolly
versatile agreed
spontaneously contribute
complained squabble
contrast meander
tidy famished
modify unfortunate
treasure sturdy
worth compliment
confer mingle
protecting volunteer
responsible adore
melancholy exquisite
appreciate grace
host lush
marvelous constantly
joyous jolly
ELAKR6a Discusses the meaning of words and understands that some words have multiple meanings.
ELAKR6b Increases vocabulary to reflect a growing range of interests and knowledge.

These words are from our Story Town stories read during the week. Please review definitions and naming words. This is a skill the children will need in order to be successful. The children will be quizzed weekly on definitions in first grade so we want to make sure they are prepared.

Challenge your child to write sentences using this week's words.

   High Frequency Words
I mymy
to a
the am
and beto
come gohere  
here likethis
this do
me for
you look
what two
   oneup see
up down
outwe wantwho
she good
are they
give little
that have
the where
like they
here she
have look
want what
and my

ELAKR4a Distinguishes among written letters, words, and sentences.

ELAKR4d Reads previously taught high frequency words at the rate of 30 words correct per minute.