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A Bit About Me . . .

A Bit About Me . . .

HI I'm Mr. Krebs!

Here is some information about me and who I am.

  • Born and raised in West Mifflin
  • Graduated from WMAHS in 1990
  • Went on to Cal. Univ. of PA and graduated in 1996
    • Degrees:
      • B.A. in Social Studies Secondary Education
      • B.S. in History
    • Certified to teach:
      • Social Studies
      • English
      • Science (Biology and below)
  • I then went on to Duquesne in 2006
    • Got my Masters in History and my principals certificate
  • Been teaching at WMASD since 1996-97 school year at both the Middle School and the High School.

Parents and Students: If at any time you need to contact me do as instructed below.
1.) Email = 
2.) Phone: 412/466-7220 ext. 1110, this is the phone number and extension to my room.
3.) Set up a conference with the Principal, Teacher, and Councilor by contacting the School Secrertaries.
4.) Call the school @ 412/466-7220

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