Miss Lambert's First Grade

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This page includes:

our daily schedule, specials schedule, and classroom rules

Our Daily Schedule

8:30-9:15: Morning Meeting & Morning Routines

9:15-9:45: English Language Arts Whole Group and Independent work time

9:45-10:50: Centers and Guided Reading Groups

10:50-11:30: Recess/Lunch

11:30-12:00: Read Aloud and Writing Time

12:00-12:30: Math Whole Group Instruction

12:30-1:10: Math Groups

1:10-1:55: Specials

1:55-2:15: Snack

2:15-2:40: Afternoon Academics (M-Vocabulary, T-Spelling, W-Scholastic News, TR- Social Studies/Science Focus, F-Handwriting/Share)

2:45-2:55: Closing Circle & Dismissal

**Special Days- Mondays: Technology, 12:20-1:10, Wednesdays: Library, 10:00-10:30, Thursdays: Third Grade Reading Buddies 9:15-9:30**

Community Days: On community days we mix the first and second grade classes together and rotate around the second floor. We complete hands on and interactive activities that focus on specific standards with all of the first and second grade teachers. These days are exciting because we get to interact with other students and teachers!

Specials Schedule:

(We have ART and GYM every monday.)

Week 1- Art, PE, Tech, Music, DR

Week 2- Art, PE, Tech,DR, DR

Week 3- Art, PE, DR, Music, Art

Week 4- Art, PE, Tech, DR, PE

Classroom Rules:

1. Be safe and responsible for everything and everyone.

2. Be kind and respectful.

Other things to know:

Snack must be provided from home daily.

Birthday invitations are not to be passed out at school UNLESS the entire class is invited.

Please make sure your child wears self-manageable and comfortable clothing to school (zippers, buttons, warm, well-fitting).

Water bottles are allowed to be kept at school- will be sent home to be washed~

Tissues/ Hand Sanitizer/Clorox wipes always welcome!

Homework is sent home on Monday and due back every Friday.

Students may bring in something small and meaningful to share every Friday.