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Unit Themes & Story Titles

High Frequency Words to Practice

Weekly Focus/Target Skills

Our ELA (English Language Arts) curriculum is a  Scott Foresman Basal that consists of: Weekly Stories, Phonemix Awareness, Phonics, Spelling, High Frequency Words, Comprehension, Fluency, Vocabulary, Writing, Grammar, and Speaking, Listening, Viewing.

Unit Themes & Stories

 Unit #, Story #  Story Title
 Unit 1: Animals, Tame and Wild 
 1.1 Sam Come Back!
 1.2 Pig in a Wig
 1.3 The Big Blue Ox
 1.4 A Fox and a Kit
 1.5 Get the Egg
 1.6 Animal Park
 Unit 2: Communities 
 2.1 Max & Ruby: A Big Fish for Max
 2.2 The Farmer in the Hat
 2.3 Who Works Here?
 2.4 The Big Circle
 2.5 Life in the Forest
 2.6 Honey Bees
 Unit 3: Changes 
 3.1 An Egg is an Egg
 3.2 Ruby in Her Own Time
 3.3 Jan's New Home
 3.4 Frog & Toad Together
 3.5 I'm a Caterpillar
 3.6 Where are my Animal Friends?
 Unit 4: Treasures 
 4.1 Mama's Birthday Present
 4.2 The Dot
 4.3 Mister Bones: Dinosaur Hunter
 4.4 The Lady in the Moon
 4.5 Peter's Chair
 4.6 Henry & Mudge & Mrs. Hopper's House
 Unit 5: Great Ideas 
 5.1 Tippy-Toe Chick, Go!
 5.2 Mole and Baby Bird
 5.3 Dot & Jabber and the Great Acorn Mystery
 5.4 Simple Machines
 5.5 Alexander Graham Bell
 5.6 Ben Franklin and His First Kite


Unit 1:

in, on, way

and, take, up, play

get, help, use, mud, town

eat, her, this, too

saw, small, tree, your

home, into, many, them

Unit 2:

catch, good, no, put, want

be, could, horse, old, paper

live, out, people, who, work

down, inside, now, together, there

around, find, food, grow, water, under

also, family, new, other, some, their

Unit 3:

always, become, day, everything. nothing, stays, things

any, enough, ever, every, own, sure, were

away, car, friends, house, our, school, very

afraid, again, few, how, read (both pronunciations), soon

done, know, push, visit, wait

before, does, good-bye, oh, right, won't

Unit 4:

about, enjoy, gives, surprise, worry, would

colors, draw, drew, great, over, show, sign

found, mouth, once, took, wild

above, eight, laugh, moon, touch

picture, remember, room, stood, thought

across, because, dance, only, opened, shoes, told

Unit 5:

along, behind, eyes, never, pulled, toward

door, loved, should, wood

among, another, instead, none

against, goes, heavy, kinds, today

built, early, learn, science, through

answered, brothers, carry, different, poor

Weekly Focus/ Target Skills

Week- April 24th - April 29th

Story Title: Henry & Mudge

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Phonics: Suffixes- -ly, ful : Vowels in moon

Comprehension Skill: Cause & effect

Comprehension Strategy: Preview