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Hi First Grade Friends! heart

I am so excited to be your teacher this year! We will learn lots of new things, read many new books, and practice math problems! We will learn to be kind and caring friends, and practice communicating with each other in respectful ways. 


The Worrall Way

We are safe.

We are responsible.

We are respectful.

We are Worrall!


Daily Schedule

8:50-9:10- Morning Meeting

9:10-9:30- Fundations

9:30-10:00- Tiger Time

10:00-11:00- Language Arts

11:00-11:30- Flex Groups/IE

11:30-12:10- Lunch/Recess

12:10-12:30- Story Time

12:30-1:45- Math

1:45-2:00- Recess

2:00-2:30- Science/Social Studies/Technology/Class Meeting

2:30-3:15- Specials

3:20- Dismissal


This week's homework assignment:

Bring in four items from home that describe you. I will bring in four items as well! You will describe these items to a peer in our classroom. We will practice using eye contact when speaking, and asking questions to find out what the items are. We will then present these items to the whole class, so that everyone can learn a bit more about what makes you, you!


At home:

Make sure to tell your family about the new things we have learned this week in school! What is your favorite part of first grade so far? What are you excited about?


Fun projects we will work on this week!

This week we will start our first STEM activity!! We will be working together in teams to plan our ideas before we begin. We will remember to take turns, listen to other's ideas, and contribute to the group (Neitlich, 2019)! Our STEM project will include creating a set of skis or a sled to go down a ski slope in our classroom! We will use materials to create our ski or sled! We will brainstorm ideas to make our sled better after we are finished! 


Opening Assembly

Our opening assembly will focus on our first character trait of the year- positive attitude! Do you have an idea for a skit in the assembly? Stop by to see Mrs. Dragonetti! Think about it- How do you keep a positive attitude?


Student of the Week- Coming Soon!


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