Math Fluency

We will begin timed math tests this week. Each night it is recommended that you play games with math facts to get them to automaticity. 


I would suggest that you purchase a set of addition and subtraction cards for your 1st grader. 




Nightly reading of your student's assigned phonics reader. They should be reading it 3 times each night for fluency. Sounding out words is not fluent. A new reader will only be assigned once they are able to read it to me fluently. For some students, it might be more than 3 times. If your child has brought home more than 1 reader and it is too much for them, please have them let me know or send me and note and I will be glad to go back to one reader per night. I frequently ask the students when I read with them to make sure that they still want more then one reader, however, you know them best and the time that it is taking for them to read at night. They will have completed 80 phonics readers and 20 Stevenson readers before they move to uncontrolled readers. 



Copies of the poems for the year were handed out the 1st week of school. On the inside front cover are the due dates listed for each poem. Most poems are due every 2-3 weeks.