Physics Handouts

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I. Observation W.S.  Word

II. Dependability W.S.  Word


III. Hypothesis W.S.  Word

IV. Experiments and Controls W.S.  Word

V. Standards W.S.  Word

VI. Metric System W.S.  Word

Metric Handout

Base 10 Measurement Lab

VII. The Unit of Mass W.S.  Word


VIII. Data Table W.S.  Word

IX. Graphing Data W.S.  Word

           Graph Temp I    Graph Temp II   Graph III   Graph Temp IV

Science-Criteria for the Scientific Method

Science Introduction

Weaponized Lies ppt

Signigicant Figures and Calculated Quantities pg. 319-322

X. Kinematics

     1. Linear Motion ppt.  

         Linear Motion Notes

         a. Motion W.S. Word

              i) Linear Motion Youtube

            ii) Linear Motion II Youtube

            iii) Units with Speed Youtube

            iv) Galileo Lab

         b. Go Go Go Lab


         c. Motion Graph W.S.  Word   ZIP

          d. Moving Man Sim.  ZIP IMAGE

           e. Sonic Ranger

            f. Rotational Motion Supplement  Word

                i) Rotational Speed Youtube

               ii) Rotational Speed II Youtube

              iii) Rotational Kinematics Sim  Word

               iv) Strobe and Fan Activity

                v) Racetrack Simulation

                vi) Rotational Motion Youtube


             g. Freefall W.S.  Word


                   i) g Lab with g Ball

         �        ii) Freefall Youtube

XI. Mechanics:

       1. Vector ppt. and  Projectile ppt.

          Projectile Motion Notes

        ��   a. Vector W.S.  Word

                 i) Rotational Acceleration and Force Supplement   Word

                      Centripetal Force Notes


                 ii). Vector Sim.  Word

                 iii) Airplane on a String Lab or Flying Pig Lab

                  vi) Velocity Vector Youtube

                   v) Centrifugal Force Youtube

                  vi) Centripetal Force Youtube

                 vii) Circular Motion Youtube

                 viii) Vector Activity Sim

                  ix) Circular Motion Simulation

                    x) Orbital Motion Simulation  Word

                   xi) Riverboat Simulation  Word

                 xii) Treasure Hunt Activity

              xiii) Equilibrium Forces


             b. Projectile W.S.  Word

                  i). Projectile Sim.  Word

                 ii) The Big BB Lab

                iii). Rotational Torque Supplement  Word

                        Rotational Equilibrium Notes

                 iv). Sideways Projectile Youtube

                  v) Projectile Youtube

                  vi) Tennis Ball Problem Youtube

                  vii) Torque Youtube

                  viii) Balanced Torques Youtube

                     ix) C of G and Toppling Youtube

                      x) Torques on a Plank Youtube

                      xi) Skateboard Torque Youtube

                      xii) Satellite Speed Youtube

                      xiii) Projectile Simulation  Zip image

                      xiv) Hit the Target Simulation

                      xv) Torque Simulation  Word

                     xvi) Rotational Equilibriium Simulation  Word

                     xvii) Rule of Balance Simulation  Word

                    xviii) Bull's Eye Lab pg. 25-28

                      xix) Projectile II Simulation

                       xx) Torque Feeler Activity

                      xxi) Where's Your CG? Lab pg. 107-109

       2. Newton's Laws ppt.

          Inertia Notes

          Equilibrium Notes

              a. Inertia and Equilibrium W.S.  Word


                   i) Rotational Inertia Supplement  Word

                       Revolutionary Motion


                  ii) Walking the Planck Lab

                 iii) Inertia Demo Youtube

                  iv) Mass vs. Weight Youtube

                   v) Inertia Demo II Youtube

                   v) Table Cloth Demo Youtube

                  vi) Toilet Paper Roll Youtube

                 vii) Equilibrium Rule Youtube

                 viii) Equilibrium Problems Youtube

                   ix) Force in One Dimension Simulation Word

                    x) Weight Lab

                   xi) Pendulum Simulations

                  xii) Rotational Derby Lab pg. 121-124

               b. Newton's 2nd Law W.S.  Word

                    Newton's 2nd Law Notes

                   i) Getting Pushy Lab pg. 35-37

                  ii) Newton's 2nd Law Youtube

                 iii) Newton's 2nd Law II Youtube

                  iv) Net Force and Vectors Youtube

                   v) Nellie in the Elevator Youtube

                   vi) Nellie on the Ropes Youtube

                  vii) Nellie on the Ropes II Youtube

                 viii) Force Vector Diagrams Youtube

                   ix) Force and Motion in 2 Dimensions Simulation  Word

                     x) Newton's 2nd Law Simulation  Word

                    xi) Pushing Things Around Simulation  Word

                   xii) Hooke's Law Lab

                  xiii) Rocket Sledder Simulation

                  xiv) Constant Force and Changing Mass Lab pg. 30-41

                   xv) Constant Mass and Changing Force Lab pg. 43-45


                c. AXN/RXN W.S. Word

                     Newton's 3rd Law Notes


                     i) Force Before the Cart Lab

                    ii) AXN/RXN Demo Youtube

                   iii) AXN/RXN Youtube

                    iv) Friction Forces Youtube

                     v) Skydiver Problems Youtube

                     vi) Two Body Problems Youtube

                     vii) Forces on and Incline Youtube

                    viii) Sailboat Vectors Youtube

                     ix) Newton's Laws Review Youtube

                      x) Forces and the FBD Simulation  Word

                     xi) Ramp Force Simulation  Word

                     xii) Ramp Force Questions

                    xiii) Riding with the Wind Lab pg. 51-54

                     xiv) Balloon Rocket Activity

                      xv) Tension Lab pg. 57-60

                      xvi) Tug-of-War Lab pg. 61-64

                      xvii) Balloon Helicopter

             3. Momentum W.S. Word

             Momentum Notes

                       a. Egg Toss Lab

                            i) Momentum Youtube

                           ii) Conservation of Momentum Youtube

                          iii) Fish Lunch Youtube

                          iv) Freddie Frog Momentum Youtube

                            v) Train Momentum Youtube

                           vi) Collision Simulation  Word

                           vii) Explosion Simulation   Word

                           viii) Two Stage Rocket Simulation    

                             ix) Two State Rocket Questions

                              x ) Go Cart Lab pg. 65-68  

                       xi) Bouncing Dart Lab    

                       xii) Human Sized Collision Lab

                              xiii) Explosion Lab

                              xiv) Cart and Brick Sim

                              xv) Fish Catch Sim  Word

                       b.  Rotational Momentum Supplement  Word

                             i) Rotational Momentum Youtube

                           ii) Rotational Momentum II Youtube

            4. Scientific Report Rubric

XI. Work and Energy ppt.

       Energy Notes

         1. Work and Energy W.S.  Word


               a. An Uphill Climb Lab

                   i) Work and Potential Energy Youtube

                  ii) Potential and Kinetic Energy Youtube

                 iii) Work/Energy Problems Youtube

                   iv) Conservation of Energy Youtube

                    v) Ballistic Pendulum Youtube

                    vi) Machines and Energy Youtube

                    vii) Pulley Demo Youtube

                    viii) Conservation of Energy Demo Youtube

                      ix) Energy of Popper

                       x) Muscle Up! Lab pg. 75-76

                       xi) Cut Short Lab pg. 77-78

                      xii) How Hot Are Your Hot Wheels? Lab pg. 83-84

                      xiii) Wrap Your Energy in a Bow Lab pg. 85-87

               b. Rotational Kinetic Energy Supplement  Word


           c. Forms of Energy W.S.

                Satellite Motion Notes


                i) Forms of Energy Simulation Lab  Word

                     ii) Rotational Mobile Supplement and Lab

                 iii) Energy of Acrobats Youtube

                  iv) Circular and Elliptical Orbits Youtube

                   v) On a Roll Lab pg. 89-92

                  vi) Releasing Your Potential Lab pg. 93-96

                 vii) Slip-Stick Lab pg. 97-102

Special Relativity Notes





XII. Introduction to Chemistry

         Atoms and the Nature of Matter Notes

The Periodic Table

              1. Atoms Youtube

              2. Periodic Table Youtube

              3. Atom Recycle Youtube

              4. Diffraction Action Lab


XIII. Solid Notes


           1. Scaling Lab

              a. Solids Youtube

               b. Density Mixture Youtube

               c. Scaling I Youtube

                d. Scaling II Youtube

                e. Scaling III Youtube

         2. Hooke's Law Lab

         3. Mass vs. Volume Lab

         4. Density of Solids Lab

XIV. Liquid Notes

        1. Archimedes I W.S. Word

                 a. Archimedes Lab

                 b. Pool Cube Density computer-lab  Word

                  c. Liquid Pressure Youtube

                  d. Buoyancy Youtube

                   e. Bed of Nails Demo Youtube


              2. Archimedes II W.S.  Word

              a. Pool Cube Buoyancy computer lab  Word

                    b. Archimedes Youtube

                    c. Submarine Buoyancy Youtube

                     d. Buoyancy II Youtube

                     e. Buoyancy III Youtube

                      f. Archimedes II Demo Youtube

                      g. Flotation Demo Youtube

              3. Fluid Pressure


                     a. Under Pressure computer lab  Word

                      b. Pascal's Pressure Youtube

                      c. Atmospheric Pressure Youtube

                       d. Air has Weight Youtube

                4. Gas and Bernoulli W.S. Word

                 Gas Notes

               a. Static and Moving Fluid computer lab Word

                      b. Boyles' Law Youtube

                      c. Gas Buoyancy I Youtube

                       d. Gas Buoyancy II Youtube

                       e. Bernoulli Principle I Youtube

                        f. Bernoulli Principle II Youtube

                        g. Air Buoyancy III Youtube


XV. Heat

       1. Temperature and Expansion W.S.  Word

            Temperature, Heat and Expansion Notes

               a. Temperature and Energy computer lab  Word

                      b. Heat and Temperature Youtube

                      c. Specific Heat Youtube

                      d. Thermal Expansion of Solids Youtube

                       e. Thermal Expansion of Water Youtube

                        f. Liquid Nitrogen Demo Youtube

                        g. The Thermostat Youtube

                        h. Ball and Ring Demo Youtube

                        i. Dancing Molecules Lab

                        j. Antifreeze in the Summer Lab pg. 175-178


            2. Heat Transfer W.S.  Word

              Heat Transfer Notes

               a. Thermal Displacement lab

                      b. Heat Transfer Youtube

                       c. Radiant Energy Youtube

                       d. Firewalking Youtube

                        e. Hot-Rod Conduction Lab

                       f. Gas Laws Simulation  Word

                        g. Temperature and Energy Simulation  Word

                        h. Blackbody Simulation  Word

                        i. Canned Heat Absorption Lab

                        j. Canned Heat Emission Lab

                        k. Heat Mixing Lab

                        l. Ice Melting Block Lab

                        m. Heat Mixing II Lab pg. 171-174

                         o. Solar Energy Lab pg. 193-195


            3. Phase Change W.S.   Word

              Change of State Notes

                     a. Phase Change computer lab  Word

                     b. Warming by Freezing lab

                      c. Evaporation and Condensation Youtube

                      d. Energy of Phase Changes Youtube

                       e. Energy of Phase Changes II Youtube

                       f. Adiabatic Youtube

                       g. I'm Melting Lab

                       h. Cooling by Boiling Lab

                       i. Work for Your Ice Cream Lab pg. 211-212

                       j. States of Matter Sim  Word

              4. Thermodynamics W.S.  Word

               Thermodynamic Notes

                      a. Crunching Can and Dipping Bird Youtube

                       b. Thermodynamics Youtube  

                       c. The Drinking Bird Lab pg. 213-215             

XVI. Wave and Vibration W.S.  Word


             1. Slinky lab and computer lab

                 a. Making Waves computer lab  Word

                  b. Wave and Vibration Youtube

                   c. Wave Type Youtube

                   d. Doppler Effect Youtube

                   e. Interference of Waves Youtube

                    f. Properties of a Wave Simulation  Word

                    g. Grandfather's Clock Lab pg. 223-224

                    h. Wave and Vibration ppt


                2. Sound W.S.  Word

                a. Scientific Report Rubric

                 b. Sound Waves Lab  Word

                        c. Ripple Tank computer lab  Word

                         d. Wave Interference computer lab   

                          e. Interference of Sound Demo Youtube

                          f. Reflection and Refraction of Sound Youtube

                          g. Resonance of Sound Youtube

                           h. Refraction of Sound Demo Youtube

                           i. Resonance of Sound Demo Youtube

                           j. Resonance of Sound II Demo Youtube

                           k. Sound Off Lab

                           l. Slow Motion Sound Simulation

                           m. Wave Interference II Simulation

                            n. Resonance Simulation Word

                             o. Mach One Lab pg. 235-236

                             p. Sound ppt



                3. Light Properties W.S.   Word

                a. Speed of Light Youtube

                b. Polarization of Light Youtube

                        c. Polarization of Light and 3D movies Youtube

                        d. Atomic Spectra Youtube

                        e. Light and Distance Simulation 

                        f. Inverse Square Lab

                        g. Spectroscope Lab (Starlight)

                        h. Shady Business Lab pg. 237-238

                        i. Shades Lab pg. 243-246

                        j. Light ppt

                       g. Color W.S.  Word

                h. Color Vision computer lab Word

                        i. Color Youtube

                        j. Why is the Sky Blue Youtube

                         k. Color Mixing Youtube

                         l. Painting with CMY Simulation  Word

                        m. Painting with CMY Tables

                         n. Color ppt

                 4. Reflection W.S.  Word

                 a. Plane Mirror lab

                         b. Reflection Youtube

                          c. Sunballs Lab

                         d. Mirror Mirror Lab

                          e. Pinhole Camera Lab

                          f. Plane Mirror Lab

                           g. Reflection and Refraction ppt


                  5. Refraction W.S.  Word


                         a. Refraction computer lab  Word

                         b. Total Internal Reflection computer lab  Word

                          c. Refraction Youtube

                          d. Rainbow Youtube

                          e. Rainbow II Youtube

                           f. Least Time Principle Simulation 

                           g. Least Time Principle Tables

                           h. Trapping the Light Lab


                  6. Spherical Mirror & Lense W.S.  Word


                 a. Optics Bench computer lab I  Word

                        b. Optics Bench computer lab II  Word

                         c. Pinhole Images Youtube

                          d. Lenses Youtube

                          e. Diffraction Youtube

                           f. Interference of Light Youtube

                           g. Interference of Colors Youtube

                           h. Atom Excitation Youtube

                           i. Emmission of Light Youtube

                           j. Laser Youtube   

                           k. Photoelectric Effect Youtube

                           l. Photoelectric Effect II Youtube

                           m. Matter Waves Youtube

                            n. Young's Double Slit Simulation

                            o. Ray Optics Simulations Word

                            p. Fringe of Optics Simulation

                            q. Where's the Point? Lab pg. 271-272

                             r. Air Lens Lab pg. 273-274

                             s. Lenses & Mirrors


XVII. Universal Gravitation W.S.  Word

             a. Gravitation Simulation

              b. Gravitation Youtube

              c. Gravitation II Youtube

               d. Tunnel Through Earth Youtube

               e. Ocean Tides Youtube

                f. Simulated Gravity Youtube

                g. Discovery of Neptune Youtube

                h. Getting Eccentric Lab pg. 135-136

                 i. Universal Gravitation ppt


XVIII. Electricity:


             1. Electrostatics and Coulomb's Law W.S.  Word

                  a. Electricity Intro Youtube

                  b. Coulomb's Law Youtube

                  c. A Force to be Reckoned With Lab

                  d. Alum. Can Polarization Simulation  Word

                   e. Coulomb's Law Simulation  Word

                   f. Exploring Electric Charges Simulation  Word

                   g. Static Cling Lab pg. 277-278

                    h. Electrostatic ppt



              2. E-field W.S.  Word

                   a. E-field computer lab  Word

                            b. E-field Youtube

                            c. Electric Potential Youtube

                            d. Coulomb's Law II  Word

                             e. Electric Field Lines Simulation  Word

                             f. Electric Field Notes Ch. 33


                      3. Electric Current W.S.   Word


                             a. Circuit computer lab Word

                              b. Ohm's Law Youtube

                               c. Ohm, Ohm on the Range Lab

                               d. Ohm's Law Simulation  Word

                               e. Resistivity Simulation   Word

                               f. Ohm Sweet Ohm Lab pg. 285-288

                               g. Electric Current Notes Ch. 34


                       4. Electric Circuit W.S.  Word




                       a. Electric Motor Project

                                 b. Water and the Electric Circuit Youtube

                                c. Parallel Bulbs Youtube

                                  d. Voltage Drop Youtube

                                  e. Power in the Circuit Youtube

                                  f. Equivalent Resistance Youtube

                                   g. Circuit Resistances Youtube

                                   h. Battery Demo Youtube

                                    i. Car Battery Power Youtube

                                    j. Circuit Medley Youtube

                                    k. Lamps Youtube

                                    l. Batteries and Bulbs Lab

                                    m. Be the Battery Lab

                                     n. Open and Short Lab

                                      o. Sparky the Electrician Lab pg. 279-282

                                      p. Cranking Up Lab pg. 293-296

                                      q. Electric Circuit Notes Ch. 35

                         5. Electromagnetism


              a. Magnetism Youtube

                                    b. Electromagnetic Induction Youtube

                                     c. Generator-Activator Lab

                                     d. Electric Magnetism Lab

                                      e. Seeing Magnetic Fields Lab

 XIX. Hewitt & Robinson Physics Lab-Manual