Behavior Expectations


Behavior Expectations and Standards  

·         I expect my students to be respectful to myself and to one another.  I expect them to understand and follow the rules and consequences.  I will convey my behavior expectations to my students by displaying the concrete rules for the class on several posters around the room.  I will then ask the students what other rules they can come up with that would benefit the entire class (and not conflict with the already established rules and school rules). I will list the suggestions from the students on the board and pass out slips of paper.  I will have the students write the suggested rule on the slip of paper and also write yes or no.  I will then take up the slips of paper and tally the vote.  The rules that win a majority will be added to the list.

·         I plan on having a “suggestion box” by the door to the classroom.  I will have the students write down their opinions, suggestions, feelings, wants, and needs and put them in the box.  It will be completely private and anonymous.  I feel that this will allow the students the freedom to express what they feel without being embarrassed to speak up in front of the class.  It will also allow them to suggest changes that might better help the entire class.  I will read through them every Friday, and on the following Monday, I will pick a few good ones to discuss with the class.  I think that this will help create a good rapport between the students and I because they will know that they can talk to me (even if it’s anonymously) and that I take their thoughts and feelings seriously.

·         The rules and consequences in my classroom will be as follows:

                                                              i.      Arrive on time and be prepared.

·         Tardy and ill-prepared students will stay after class for one minute for every infraction.


                                                            ii.       Respect each other, the teacher, and school and personal property.  (Keep hands, feet, body, and objects to yourself.)


·         The disrespectful student will be given a verbal/visual warning (e.g. writing name on board) for the first offense.

·         The second offense will lead to a deduction of the students’ participation points for the period.

·         The third offense will lead to detention.

·         The fourth offense will lead to a meeting with the principal, call/note to parents, and setting up a behavior management plan.


                                                          iii.      Raise your hand if you want to ask or answer a question.

·         The student shouting out the answer will receive a warning for the first offense.

·         The second offense will lead to a deduction of participation points for the period.

·         The third offense brings detention.


                                                          iv.      Students will stay in their assigned seats.

·         Failure of the student to sit in the assigned seat, or demanding a change to the seating assignment will get detention.


                                                            v.      Assignments must be neat and turned in on time.

·         One day late will lead to a deduction of 25%.

·         Two days late will lead to a deduction of 50%

·         I will not take work that is three days late or later.