Classroom Procedures


Procedures and Routines        

Beginning the class

«  You will put your work in the corresponding assignment folders as you come into the classroom.

«  Students must be in their assigned seats when the bell rings.

«  Bell work must be finished 5 minutes after the bell rings.

«  I will take attendance while students are doing bell work.         

Ending the class.

«  I will allow time for discussing the lesson at the end of class.

«  I will let you know about any upcoming assignments or tests.

«  If there is an assignment that we did in class, you must turn it in to the correct folder after class. 

 Collecting materials and assignments

«  I will have one folder for each class period on the table by the door.

«  At the end of class, I will remind you to turn in any work or materials in the correct folder as you leave class. 

 Questions, Comments, and Discussions

«  You must raise your hand and wait to be called on in order to ask a question.  This will allow me to hear your question clearly.

«  Any questions during the lesson concerning clarification will be answered promptly.

«  Questions that require more detail or concern any assignments will be answered after class.

«  Questions that do not have to do with the lesson or assignments will be answered after class, unless it is an emergency. 

 Student helpers

«  I may need student helpers from time to time.  If I need one, I will use the name cards to randomly call on someone to be the helper for the period. 

 Missed work

«  I will have a folder that I will place assignments for absent students with their name on a post-it on the assignment.  It will be your responsibility to check the folder and collect the work that was missed. 

 Heading papers

«  Students must write their name (first and last), the date, and the class period at the top right-hand corner of all papers.