Our Writing Samples

Dear C1 and C5 Parents:

We are adding our own writing pieces to this page!  You can view your child's writing just by clicking on this link!  We scan in REAL work, as well as type in some of our pieces using the keyboard.  All the writing pieces you see below (just scroll down) are planned, composed, revised and edited by the students themselves. 

During writing conferences with our students, occasionally we rewrite sentences for them to demonstrate various aspects of writing, including idiomatic expressions, proper use of language and spelling.  Any sentences that are entirely reworded by the teacher are highlighted within the student's piece.  This preserves the honesty so critical to the writing process.  Finally, it is important to note that final editing for publishing on this website is done by the teacher.

The students have worked very hard on their writing, and we know that you will enjoy seeing the fruits of their labor! 


Mrs. Saunders and Mrs. Torres



The Tiger

By Jesus

     Let me tell you about a very special moment in my life.  It began when we came    out of the monkey house at the Brandywine Zoo.  I was with my dad, my mom and    my sister.  I saw different monkeys and a big snake. 

     I thought about monkeys and snakes as we walked toward the tiger cage.    Where do these animals live?  What do they eat?  Then, I saw the tiger.  It was as big as a big screen t.v. or even bigger!  I felt like wow!  I announced to my dad, " Que tigre tan grande!"  (That means "What a big tiger!" in Spanish.)  I had never seen one in person--only on t.v.  It had stripes and its whiskers were big.  When it moved its head I thought it was going to eat me.  So I moved away from it a little bit.  Can you believe I was a little bit scared?  Well, I was. 

     Then, my mom sat on the bench .  I asked my dad if he would buy us ice cream.  "Well, I am a little bit hungry, so alright,"  my dad said.  I told him that I wanted the Spongebob one.  We finished our ice creams.

     Next, we saw a seal through a glass window and that's how my special time ended.  So you might think, "Why was that special?"  Well, I'll tell you.  It was so special because I saw something that I hadn't seen, but with my family togther.  Now when I think about that day I imagine the tiger in his real home--the wild, running and hunting for food with his friends, going, "ROAR!"