Websites for C1 and C5

The Red Clay School District is being given a free trial of readaloud books at  Students know the username and password, and are encouraged to use this site as often as possible outside of school up until the 26th of February this month.  Please let me know your opinions of the website, and I will pass them along to the district!

Click on Lewis Learning Links--a site of comprehensive web learning and games that has been teacher-screened for Lewis students!  The site has been created by our own Miss O'Neill.  Thanks, Miss O'Neill!  Explore this site with your child and ask if he or she recognizes any of the many fun links!

 Get in touch with your school!!!  Go to the

Students can do activities, view images and videos and learn more about the science topics we're studying.  They've seen this website in class, so have them show it to you!  This site is accessible through Lewis Learning Links (above), but is listed under "4th and 5th grade" sites.  (It is also a 3rd grade site.)