Valentine List

Our Valentine List

Your child should print the names on the

envelopes and print his/her name on the

card inside.

Children in our class

Briana John Parker Lucian

Landon Ethan Lucas Natalie

Brooklynn Sydny MaKayla Jay

Ben Kaiden Grant Porter

Juniper Skye Brooke Jordan

Destin Ruby Ela


Adults that your child sees (optional)

Mrs. Taylor Mrs. Coon Mr. Shelly

Mrs. McGee Mrs. Pepple Mrs. Lindsay

Ms. Feltes Mrs. Brunig Ms. Robinson

Mrs. Miller Mrs. Fuller Ms. Boesen

Mrs. Sturgis Mr. Turner Mr. Lisenbee

Mr. Finley &Mr. Weaver (custodians)

lunchroom ladies

Nurse Glass

*Ask your child which adults she/he sees and wants to make a card for.