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This is where I will be posting our weekly lesson and assignments that go along with it. Make sure to check here at the beginning of each week. The following week's lesson will be posted on Sundays and all assignments are due by Friday. You may turn them in as you finish or all at the end of the week. Don't procrastinate!

You'll notice that all the links are in green and underlined so hopefully that will help you not miss them.

Week/Lesson 1

This week's lesson is over slope. This is something you learned in the 7th grade, but since you had a summer of sleeping since then, we'll have a week of review. The lesson starts with the basics and moves into actually finding slope of a given line then into writing an equation. Make sure and visit the video links (there are several) to refresh your memory before completing the assignment. REMEMBER this is all due by this Friday! Each assignment is worth 25 points for a total of 100 by then end of the week. Feel free to see me in class or email any questions that you may have. You also may want to take some notes down in your journal to help you in class.

Step 1: What is slope?

*slope is designated by the letter m*

Click on the link above and read through the first part of the page. Take the quiz (you can enter my email address if you'd like). Take a screenshot of your quiz results and email it to me or print them out and bring them with your assignments. This will not be taken for an actual grade rather a completion grade. It is just for my knowledge of where you started out. Stop after the quiz, but keep this website in your arsenal, so to speak (which means you may want to bookmark it and refer back to it at a later date). 

Here is one of my favorite videos over slope (because it's super silly, but you'll never forget it). Slope Dude

Assignment #1: Draw a picture of your choice. Keep it appropriate and put effort into it (there's a difference in not having much drawing ability and just slapping some pencil down on the paper). Make sure your picture includes at least 2 of each of the four different types of slope *that comes to 8 lines ;)*. Label the slopes. Color the picture. 10 points will be given for following instructions (completion), 10 points for accuracy, and 5 points for neatness/creativity/effort. 


Step 2: Finding Slope of a Given Line 

*So, you have options...either remember to figure out if the slope is positive or negative from the get-go by just looking at the line then calculate the rise over the run OR left and down is negative, up and right is positive just like on a number line or thermometer*

**Another side note from your math nerd teacher: In the video the guy refers to "reducing" fractions. We don't reduce fractions because that implies the value is decreasing when in fact they have the same value. We are in fact SIMPLIFYING the fractions.

Click on the link above and I recommend taking notes in your journal while you follow along with the video.

Here is another link that will take you to MathWarehouse. This is another way to find the same slope. Instead of counting rise and counting run, you'll notice that they calculate is by using subtraction. This is where the slope formula (on your formula chart in the back of your journal) comes from. Another thing you'll see is the triangle sign which is the greek letter delta. In math this stand for the change in so you would read that as the change in y over the change in x.

One thing you'll notice about me this year is that I don't care which method you choose to solve a problem, I will try and show you several, because everyone doesn't arrive to the same answer the same way every time. I do however expect you to show me your thought process (work) if you don't want me to assume you are cheating. 

Here's one more silly video to help you remember how to find the slope of a line.

Assignment #2: Print off the worksheet, complete it and turn it in. The answers are included as a self-check. I expect to see your work. If you choose to just copy the answers, that is your choice and it will be obvious on the test (yes, there will be a test over this). 


Step 3: Finding Slope from Two Points

Click on the link above and I recommend taking notes in your journal while you follow along with the video. This way uses the slope formula found on your formula chart just like you saw previously from a graph. Another way to do it (the way I prefer) is to always set your points up in a table and find the change in y over the change in x then simplify. This way you don't have to worry if you putting the numbers in the correct spot in the formula. Here is an example of that method. Again, you can choose which method make more sense to you. 

Assignment #3: Got to IXL , 7th grade, Lesson W.2 or just click hereEveryone will not have the same questions so I hope you are completing these assignments on your own. If you notice the red "Smart Score" box, this will be your grade. When you get to the score you want then take a screenshot and either email it to me or print it out. Keep in mind a 100 will give you 25 points, and 80 will give you 20 points, and so on and so on. (Set up a proportion to figure out how many points your will receive if you don't go for the 100)


Step 4: Writing and Equation in Slope-Intercept Form

Click on the link above for a "catchy" tune to help you remember slope-intercept form (might want to skip forward to the 1 minute mark). Remember m stands for slope and b stands for y-intercept

Here are some Spark Notes on how to write an equation in slope-intercept form (don't go to page 2 that is high school level). This video kind of wraps up everything we've talked about so far. Here are some more notes over slope-intercept form (you can ignore solving for b unless you want to be ahead of the game). 

Last part of step four is to check out this video on how to graph a line, given the equation in slope-intercept form (going backwards). 

Assignment #4: I want you to complete this IXL assignment with the same instructions as Assignment #3 for your remaining 25 points. 


Step 5: Write a Reflection

I want you to write me maximum one page reflection over everything you have learned this week. Be specific. No "fluff". I want this written in words not in numbers or symbols wherever possible. This will be graded on a "5-point scale". 0-didn't complete the assignment up to a 5-completed the assignment and followed the instructions and shows a supreme understanding of slope. This will be a quiz grade. 0-0 (obviously) and 5-100.