Honors Biology Syllabus

Honors Biology

Mrs. Meyer




This handout is prepared for Honors Biology. Students will be expected to perform at a high level, completing all homework on time and putting forth extra effort into assignments. Notes, discussions and activities will be designed for enrichment and college preparation. The topics covered in biology include: characteristics of life, scientific methods, cell structure and function, genetics and DNA, theories of evolution, and ecology and populations. The students will be asked to complete various types of in-class work and homework, take part in lab activities, and take administered quizzes, tests and exams to evaluate each student’s proficiency level.


Classroom Rules


Be on time and prepared for class. Bring textbook, pen, notebook and assignments.


Respect everyone and all property.


Follow all school rules, policies and procedures.


Use appropriate language and engage in school-appropriate conversations.


Follow all safety precautions during labs. Misbehavior during class may result in a loss of lab privileges or a zero on the assignment.




Minor infractions will result in a verbal warning and possible loss of participation points.


Multiple and persistent rule violations will result in a written assignment, call to parents or a detention.


Major infractions will result in an immediate referral.


Cheating of any type will result in a zero for the assignment.


Website – http://jmeyer.educatorpages.com


This year I have started a website where a daily schedule, class assignments and class notes can be accessed. This class syllabus is also included on the website if you would like to refer to it later. My hope is to update this website daily, but at the least it will be updated weekly. This is designed to help all students stay on track.

Make-Up Work


Any worksheets missed while a student is absent will be kept in the Pick Up folder arranged by class bell. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain any missed work from this folder, complete and turn in the following day after their return to class. Additionally, assignments and a daily schedule can be found on my website noted on page 1. Make-up work can be returned to the folder labeled Turn In and arranged by class bell. Make-up will be graded at the teacher’s earliest convenience. The student must schedule a time with the teacher to make up missed tests and labs. Some labs may require the presence of the teacher and can be made up before or after school. It is not my responsibility to seek you out and set up a time to make up labs or tests.


Safety Precautions


In order to have a safe environment, ALL students must obey the proper procedures and follow all written and verbal instructions. Anyone who appears to be deviating from the procedure or endangering another’s safety will not continue with the lab and receive a zero for the assignment. If misbehavior continues, a student may be suspended from lab activities.


Extra Help


I will make myself available for any student that needs extra help. Please see me to schedule time before or after school if you need extra help. I encourage you to see me to set up a time to meet if you are struggling with the material.




Working Pen or Pencil


Notebook or Binder


Textbook: Modern Biology; Holt, Rinehart and Winston




All students are required to take notes. The notes will usually be given on the overhead or board and copied by students. However, other methods may be used. Any examples or problems are considered part of the notes and should be copied. Occasionally, the notes may be collected and graded and will count toward the homework/class work grade. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain any notes missed due to absence from the class. This can be done by asking me or another trusted student.







Grading Criteria


Grades will be determined by the following percentages:


Tests/Quizzes/Projects                                                    35%


Labs and Activities                                                        25%


Homework/Class Work/Notebooks                               20%


Exams (Midterm and Final)                                           15%


Class participation (attendance and behavior)               5% 



Late Work


Late work will not be accepted! All assignments must be handed in on time or you will receive a zero for the assignment. If you are absent, you will be given as many extra days for your assignments as you are absent. For instance, if you are absent for 2 days you will be given 2 days from when you return to finish assignments.