Mr. Johnson's Syllabus

Mr. Johnson’s Syllabus                                         

                                                                                        2019-2020                                                            386-575-4153 ext.44110                                                                                                                                                                           

Office Hours

Regular Bell Schedule (M, T, W, TH) 11:40-11:50am             Early Release (Wed) 11:13am-11:26am  Homeroom Schedule 11:49-11:58am

Fun facts about Mr. Johnson
Went to UCF for Musical Theatre and Dance                                                                   

Worked as a Singer and a Dancer at Universal Orlando                           �           

Lived his dream traveling across the world as a Cruise Ship Singer

In these courses we will use our voice, mind, body, and imagination. This will help our performers develop confidence, speaking skills, and stage presence while utilizing their imaginations. We will be practicing fun and challenging exercises to help students become great performers. Students will learn to be seen, be heard, be understood on stage. Students additionally will dive into the different genres of theatre as we read and perform monologues, scenes and plays in class. Our classes promote the enjoyment and appreciation for all aspects of theatre.

Theatre 1 Starting at the beginning we will be learning all the basic elements of theatre. We will be working on acting, improv, creating stories, movement, dancing, singing, and emphasizing the importance of projection. Here everyone is encouraged to try to find their own talents and learn to believe in their abilities.

Theatre 2 We will be expanding our learning by challenging what we know about theatre. We will be working on acting, improv, creating stories, movement, dancing, singing, and emphasizing the importance of projection. Here everyone is encouraged to evaluate their talents and learn to expand their abilities to a higher level.

Theatre 3, Theatre 4 Honors At this level we will be comfortable with achieving excellence in performance.  It’s gonna be challengingIncreasing knowledge of numerous aspects of theatre including production, direction, and dramatic literature. The students will write, act, design, direct, research, compare, analyze, and seek to better understand the components of theatre. We will also this time to work on competition materials and planning.

 Technical Theatre Design and Production In this class we will examine technical theatre, production, house management, stage management, stage design and the business aspects of theatre as we try to develop skills in order to stage our own informal performances and plays.

Additional content that we will cover in all classes improvisation, script analysis, character analysis, makeup, rehearsal process, pantomime, designing, set construction, light, sound, costumes, career exploration, production process, advertising, auditions, striking set, and playwriting.

Troupe members will learn about District Festival Assessment Preparation, Adjudication Forms, Florida Thespian website, IE title choice, and approval.

*Note: this is a general layout of material and may be moved according to class needs throughout the year.

Grading:                                                       Scale

Sumatives: 60%                                         100-90  A

Performances/Reflections                       89-80 B

Tests/Quizzes                                             79-70 C 

Formatives: 40%                                       69-60 D 

Class Activities                                          < 59   F


Classroom Supplies:

The following supplies are necessary for work every day:

  • Pencils and Pens
  • Composition Notebook/journal
  • An open mind
  • 3 Prong Folder
  • Lined Paper




Attendance: Students are expected to be in class daily. Working around absences is difficult especially when we do group scenes and performances. Students who are absent on performance day need to let their group know and let me know if they want a chance to make it up.

Make-up Policy: If a student misses daily work, they will need to get with someone in class or see me during Office Hours.


Guidelines for Success:


  • Participate and try new things
  • Be safe
  • Treat everyone kindly
  • Make big bold choices
  • Encourage and uplift others




Theatre Classroom Rules:

  • Follow Directions the first time
  • Stay where the teacher can see you
  • Electronics kept in backpack



  • Silence when someone is performing, or the teacher is talking.
  • Have fun


FOOD AND DRINK: No food or drink is allowed in the Theatre Classroom, with the exception of a bottle of water

                                                                                                                                                                               (with a closing cap).


PASSES: Use restroom between classes; RR passes are for emergencies ONLY. No passes to other locations will be given unless it’s an emergency. The classroom policy for restroom use is to pick up the pass, check with teacher for approval and, when given, sign out on the correct clipboard. All fields must be filled out completely. Then, go to the restroom and sign back in when you return before returning the pass to the restroom pass hook.