Welcome to Physical Education.  We will learn many exciting games and participate in many activities that will be both challenging and fun. 


These are examples of the activities that we will engage in during physical education this school year: basic social skills and concepts, chasing, dodging, fleeing, educational dance, volleying, weight transfer balance, jumping, landing, locomotor activities, dance, dribbling with hands, kicking, punting, throwing, catching, striking and track and field activities. 


 Literacy Block: The Kindergarten Literacy Block is broken down into two parts. The first component is whole group instruction. Our students are introduced to new concepts and strategies with direct instruction from the classroom teacher. The 2nd component is made up of small group time. During this time, students review what they have learned using hands on activities, one-on-one learning tools, and group time with the teacher using guided reading strategies, and differentiated instruction. They will also use computer-based programs as well as participate in literacy centers where they will reinforced the skills and strategies they learned during whole group time. During both sessions the five components of reading will be emphasized. These components are: phonics, phonemic awareness, oral reading fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary. During the center time the kindergarten team will have some additional support besides the classroom teacher that will include: 1. Ms. Brase - Reading Interventionist; 2. Mrs. Talbert - Reading Coach; 3. Ms. Horn - Kindergarten Student Teacher; 4. Mrs. Leleniewski - Paraprofessional; 5. Ms. Wells - P. E. Teacher. If you have any questions about the 90 minute block, please feel free to contact me. Reading is the foundation for success in all other areas of learning. Because it is such an important part of our kindergarten day, we ask that parents do not disturb us during this literacy block which is from 8:15 - 9:45 a.m. Math Block: This year our entire school has adopted a new math program called Saxon Math. The Saxon Math program is a hands-on, success-oriented series that emphasizes manipulatives and mental math. The series uses a multisensory approach to teaching and is designed for heterogeneously grouped children. Its use will enable all children to develop a solid foundation in the language and basic concepts of mathematics. Our uninterrupted Math Block is from 9:45 - 10:45 a.m.