Women of Steel

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This statue is dedicated to the women of Sheffield who worked in Sheffield's steel industry during the Second World War.

Before the war, women had the job of buffer girls. They would polish the objects made by the men ready to be sold. When the war began, the women had to take on the men's jobs of producing and making the steel.


Meadowhall Steelmen

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These statues are called the 'Teeming Steelmen'.

They are displayed in Meadowhall shopping centre.

These statues represent the steel  factory which used to be where Meadowhall is today.

It is a reminder of the crucible steel process which was carried out in the factory, which was called the Meadow Hall Iron Works.


Man of Steel Sculpture

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The Man of Steel is going to be a new sculpture to represent the county of Yorkshire. 

It will be a new way of honouring thoe steel history of the area, and to help remember all the people involved in the industry.

It will also be a way of showing the developments of the steel industry, from the Little Mesters, right up to the invention of stainless steel.


Why do you think statues are put up about the steel men and women? What are they trying to do?