Cool Cat


Cool Cat of the Week

                              COOL CATS                  

                                                       cool cat      


Cat of the week:

    Our clas will pick a “Cool Cat” every Friday.  This is in connection with our school-wide Positive Behavioral Support program (PBS).  This is a program developed to help children do their very best in school and learn how to become productive, responsible, caring members of the community. 


       The “Cool Cat” of the week will be sent home a poster to make with the family about themselves, and also be given special jobs for the week, as well as different tasks.  It is an exciting experience for your child!  Thanks for your support!


Cool Cat Pledge
Today I pledge to be the best possible me.
I will be responsible, respectful, compassionate, show perseverance, and integrity.
No matter what I do, I know I can become better.
I pledge to believe in me.