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(updated 4/30)   SCROLL DOWN FOR DATES AND UPCOMING ACTIVITIES!  Testing is starting!  SCROLL DOWN for information!


enlightenedWe will begin testing and will be testing from now until the end of May!  Please remember to study all skills and get plenty of rest!  Also remember a good breakfast and regular attendance during this time!  It is difficult to make up tests at the end of the year!

SPRING is around the corner!  And our students are already getting Spring Fever.  They are very excited and energetic!  However, some of this is flowing over to lesson and class time!  Please remind them of best behavior and listening!!  cheeky


      Now that the cold air has set in, our students are getting chilly. Please send in a sweater or sweatshirt in your child's bookbag, so that if he/she gets cold, he can slip it on and be more comfortable. Sometimes the temperature doesn't regulate well.





   Please discuss with your child what he/she would like.  Many are saying they don't like their snacks.  Also remember a "small snack".  We only have about 10-12 mins. to eat and several have a lot.  If you would like to send in a snack item, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


WE are still collecting box tops until March 28th!  Please send them in counted and written on the bag!  Thanks!




Please remember that our Room Mom will call you if it is your turn to send in something.  She calls different people for different parties, so there is not too much at one party.  I really appreciate all of you parents who want to provide, but please be patient and she will call you when it is your turn. Our last parties will be Spring break (Easter/Egg Hunt) and end of year ice cream sundae summer birthday celebration. 


      Folders - please make sure you look at folders when they come home!  There are many important things I will send for you to look at and information you need to know.  Also, the homework sent home, helps you know what your child is learning and needs to practice, as well as being a good reinforcement tool!  You not only can help your child with skills, but you are also showing an interest in his school experience!  smileyP. S.  There has been some question about sending in treats. At this point there is not a new set policy, however it is helpful when store bought items come in (cupcakes, etc) because we are able to read the ingredients.  Thanks!


BEHAVIOR~   Please remind your child to do his very best!  Many are getting settled and comfortable and are sometimes forgetting rules and manners.  
1.  Quiet when teacher and others are supposed to be talking

2. Keep hands to yourself

3. Be a good listener

4. Be a good cool cat and follow all directions!


Please remember to pack spoons and forks for snack!  Also practice opening containers. 



COOL CAT PLEDGE (please practice with your child):

Today I pledge to be the best possible me

I will be responsible, respectful, compassionate, show perseverance and integrity 

No matter what I do, I know I become better.

I pledge to believe in me. 



         Welcome to Kindergarten!  I am so excited to get to know you and your family!  You will learn so many new things and make new friends!  We will play, learn, and grow together!  This site will help you and your parents with the information needed to be the best Kindergartener you can be!     heartMrs. Nichols




  Send in "BOX TOPS"!!!  With your child's name on them and counted.  Thanks!



Important Information:

heartPlease remember a small, healthy snack every day!

heartRemember to bring your bookbag to school every day!

heartReturn your folder when it comes home!

heartDress appropriately for the weather and within the dress code!

heartSend in notes pinned on.  I look at my email, but sometimes it's not until later in day or evening.  Please, however, send me an email with any concerns which are not to be addressed immediately.

heartUse your best behavior and manners!

heartBring a smile smiley to school every day!



peanut  NO PEANUTS CLASSROOM!   We have allergies which can be very dangerous.  Pease make sure your child brings a snack which does not contain peanuts.  Children with these allergies can not even be exposed to them!  Thanks for your help with this!



TOYS! (REVISED)    Please do not let your child bring toys to school unless it is  "Show and Tell" Day (Friday which  began until 21st)!  It is against school policy.  Sometimes it is a good idea to check bookbags and pockets because sometimes toys "Slip out"  smiley



 We will start testing next week!  Please practice letters, sounds, sight words, numbers, rhyme, shapes, and numbers/sets.  Also sounding out 3 letter words!  The students need to know 21-26 letters and sounds, and 80% ofsight words!  Also, please make sure your child gets plenty of rest and a good breakfast!


May and June:


May 2nd - Field Trip to Middletown High School farm and Big Oak Park

May 2nd  – May Fair 5:30 to 7:30

May 3rd  – Inservice Day:  No School

May 6th- 10th- Book Fair

May 13th – PTO Meeting @6:00

May 17th – Walking Tour of Clayton @ 8:45

May 24th – Field Day

May 27th – Memorial Day:  No School

May 29th – Kindergarten Graduation @ 1:30

June 3rd  – ½ Day Inservice:  12:30 Dismissal

June 4th – ½ Day Inservice:  12:30 Dismissal

                 Summer Birthdays Ice Cream Party

June 5th- ½ Day Inservice:  12:30 Dismissal

                Kindergarten Class Picnic 

June 6th – Last Student Day:  10:30 Dismissal