Teaching Philosophy

Wordle: Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy is based on the constructivist model of teaching.  I believe that all students regardless of age need the opportunity to examine, explore and experience knowledge in order to conceptualize their learning.  

In my classrooms, both the physical one and the online one, every learner is welcome.  I work to create a safe environment where people of diverse backgrounds and personalities can gather to take risks, make mistakes and collaborate with each other. Learning is not simply about completing a task, but about actually experiencing the concepts and internalizing the knowledge.     

I strive to incorporate various learning styles into each concept in order to increase interaction by all my students.  I also encourage students to discover how they learn best in order to apply these concepts to future learning.  I believe that teaching our students how to learn is as important as the learning itself.  It allows them to have the tools to be successful learners in future endeavors.  

My teaching incorporates technology throughout to enhance learning and deepen understanding.  I never use technology just for the sake of using it.  I use it to develop and deepen student learning and interaction.  Technology is used as a tool to compliment the framework of the course.

Each class is a separate community and requires cooperation, interaction and respect to function.  Regardless of if the course is online or face to face, this sense of community needs to be created and fostered.  I work to incorporate appropriate social interaction and encourage teamwork among my students.

My teaching also focuses on developing critical thinkers.  Too often students today are not required to think critically, but rather are asked to reproduce the material handed to them.  The world is a complex place and has varying points of view that will require our students to use their reasoning skills to be successful.  This is the reason I set up an environment where my students can practice these skills safely.  Developing my students as learners and providing them with a positive learning experience is the purpose of my teaching.