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Discussant Project


My discussant project was to create a Second Life experience where students could explore Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences.  I worked with Dr. Sharla Snider while attending Texas Woman's University to create an environment where students could interact through an avatar with Gardner's various multiple intelligences. 

Students began by reading an introduction to Gardner and his theory of Multiple Intelligences.  They then enter a cave where they are introduced and can explore his 8 intelligences and how to implement them with young children.  While in the cave, students can view a lecture by Gardner, take a quiz to determine their intelligence, and add their dominant intelligence to a poll on the wall.  After completing these activities, the students continues on to a telepad that teleports them to different areas of the island where their avatar can experience the various intelligences.  After experiencing the pre-assigned experiences, students are encouraged to continue their exploration and find their own examples on the island.  Finally, students are asked to reflect upon the experience in the class Wiki.

Visit my Second Life experience on Edidici Island

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Edline Project


The link below leads to an Edline page I created to teach child development to seniors in high school.  The course objectives are to give an introduction to early childhood education, classroom management, and curriculum development.  Students also have an observation and reflection component in which they discuss their classroom experiences.  Technology is used throughout the course the enhanse their learning experience.  Please visit the link below to view my Edline course.

Child Development 1