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Classroom Introduction

 Mrs. Hinkebein’s Classroom Procedures

Kelso C-7 5th Grade

  Classroom Introduction

Mrs. Hinkebein

Welcome to Mrs. Hinkebein’s Fifth Grade Class!  I am proud to be a teacher at Kelso C-7 and work towards making our school environment a better place.  My philosophy of education is built upon the Golden Rule, which is to TREAT EVERYONE LIKE YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED!!  I focus a lot on character education and teach children how to be respectful, compassionate, and to have humility.  In the following year your child will learn to be a bit less selfish and to learn to think of others first.  I feel this lets their personalities flourish and they become caring, responsible young adults.  I only expect from your child what I would expect from my own child.Please be sure to READ ALL of this packet.  Parents have responsibilities too and need to be sure that they sign/initial the page at the end so I am aware that you have read it thoroughly and know my expectations/procedures.AttendanceDaily attendance is very important.  A student who is absent misses the opportunity to learn a skill in each subject area.  While it stands to reason a sick child should not be at school, every effort should be made to attend if at all possible.  Each day absent receives one make-up work day.  For example, if you are absent 1 day you get 1 make-up day to complete the missed work.  If work is turned past the due date, late points will be assessed in the final grade of the late work.   Weekly FoldersPapers are sent home biweekly in a folder.  This folder needs to be signed by the parent and returned the next day.  Please look for this folder every 2 weeks and look at your child’s progress.  This way you won’t be surprised of their grades when mid-quarters or grade cards are received.  Homework PolicyThe homework I give is not busy work.  It is a way of reinforcing and enriching the concepts that we learn in school.  Homework is valuable in that it helps your child to establish independent study habits and self-discipline.  Also, when classroom work isn’t completed during the school day, this becomes homework also.  So if students aren’t productive at school in the time allotted, then your child may have more homework than was planned.  Please discuss with your child to work productively at school so this won’t happen.Your child should plan to dedicate fifty minutes each day to completing written work and to studying notes/study guides given in class.  Accelerated Reading time is usually given at school.  Fifth grade students have an Accelerated Reading period extra throughout the week.  If no other homework is given, then the student can spend their fifty minutes of homework time reading their A.R. book.  ALL WORK IS DUE NO LATER THAN 8:00 A.M. THE FOLLOWING DAY THAT THE WORK WAS GIVEN! Homework is due at 8:00 A.M. each day.  This includes daily classwork that the student took home to finish.  For each missing assignment, the student receives a “Dog-Ate-It” form along with a recess detention, as well as a zero on the work.   This “Dog-Ate-It” form will be sent home that day for parents to sign.  If the form isn’t returned the next day, then the student will have recess detention until the form is signed and returned.  Once a student receives 3 “Dog-Ate-It” forms, then the 4th form becomes a Discipline Form for failing to return a signed paper or form.  The consequence of this action is the student will receive a day of after school detention.  If this becomes a habit, then a conference will have to be scheduled to work the problem out.  Missing /Late Homework Consequences1st Offense – Dog-Ate-It form will be sent home and a recess detention2nd Offense - Dog-Ate-It form will be sent home and a recess detention3rd Offense & any following offenses – Formal Discipline Form sent home, & After-school DetentionAssignment SheetsEach day your child will need to have their assignment sheet initialed by the parent(s).  This allows me to know that you have seen what work is expected to be completed and returned.  If the sheet isn’t initialed, then a warning will be given.  After the third warning, the student will have recess detention to write an essay about responsibility.  The student only gets 3 warnings per quarter!  Every time after this is a recess detention with an essay on responsibility.  Classroom Rules1.       Be polite at all times.2.      Work quietly at all times.3.      Listen courteously when others are talking.4.      Be friendly to fellow classmates.5.      Be truthful and honest.6.      Respect teachers and other adults.7.      Be prepared for class every day.8.      Arrive at class on time.9.      Cooperate with others.10.   Do your best.Consequences1st Offense – Warning2nd Offense – Lose 10 minutes of recess3rd Offense – Lose full recess and a note home 4th Offense – Lose a week of recess and a phone call*All serious offenses will follow the disciplinary procedures according to the Student Handbook.  Please discuss these rules with your child, sign, and return the attached sheet to school.   By doing so you are letting me know you understand and will help your child follow these rules.  This packet can be left for you so you have your own copy of Fifth Grade Procedures.Thanks You!Mrs. Hinkebein    
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