Science At Harlem Success Academy


Success Charter Network is a fast growing CMO with seven schools with two more schools opening this summer. Over the next decade, our network will grow to forty schools that provide a phenomenal K-8 education to children throughout New York City.


Science Teachers take a “Beyond Z” approach in teaching rigorous, engaging and high quality science instruction to our elementary and middle school scholars. Our Science Teachers implement a discovery based, hands-on science curriculum that challenges our scholars and engages their natural curiosity.

Our science teachers...

  • Are a part of a highly motivated team committed to education reform, educational choice and the building of exemplary schools.
  • Engage students through a hands-on curriculum that reinforces the fun of learning and enables struggling students to thrive.
  • Receive routine, ongoing feedback and support from an outstanding leadership team and faculty.
  • Inspire intellectual curiosity through fun activities that kids love.
  • Teach in a fully-equipped science lab with materials at their disposal.
  • Are a part of a ground-breaking faculty of science teachers who collaborate regularly with a science developer to create units.

Science Teachers at Harlem Successdemonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Extraordinary Attention to Detail. Thinks critically about the details of a task at hand.
  • Flexibility. Ability to adjust expected tasks and schedule to the updated priorities.
  • Dedication to Mission. A genuine interest in finding ways to improve public education and support our schools.
  • Collaboration. Working with teammates and responsive to feedback.
  • Beyond Z Attitude. Willingness to go above and beyond the requirements of the job to be innovative and support the organization.
  • Deadline Driven.  Meeting project timelines set by leadership in an effort to improve one’s practice.
Come visit our Discovery Labs and take a closer look at our phenomenal program!