Bee Bots!

Bee-Bot Center
Introduced in 2010-2011
Overview:  This center was created in response to the technology push at Success Academies.  Bee-Bots are simple programmable robots that take directional input.  They move left, right, forward and backward.  This will be an engaging center that provides quality exposure to basic robotic concepts.  Students will use the Bee-Bots in a variety of ways ranging from measuring the length of lines to writing letters, to navigating maps.

Goals – Students learn estimation and measurement skills, problem solving skills and are introduced to basics of robotics.

Big Goals:
1.Program instructions into Bee-Bots to make them complete a given task.
2.Design and implement their own program for the Bee-Bots

Measurement of Assessments:
4- Scholar can program Bee-Bot to move all by itself from one point on the grid to another point on the grid with a minimum of three directional changes.
3- Scholar can program Bee-Bot to move from one point on the grid to another point with 2-3 directional changes, but has to input directions more than once.
2- Scholar can program Bee-Bot to move from one point on the grid toward another point on the grid, but cannot get the Bee-Bot to go exactly from point A to point B.
1- Scholar is unable to program Bee-Bot to move in a logical direction from point A to Point B.

Wikipedia Definition of Robot: A robot is an automatically guided machine which is able to do tasks on its own, almost always due to electronically-programmed instructions.

Kid Friendly Definition of Robot:  A robot is a machine that can do things on it’s own when you give it some directions.

Relevant Vocabulary:  robot, navigate, program, direction