WordPerfect - ASSIGNMENT #1 

Create the invitation on the back of this page by following the steps below:

 Line 1 – Your name, right aligned, Times New Roman font, point size 12.  Leave 2 blank lines after the line containing your name                     

Line 2 – Comic Sans, 18 point size, blue color, bold                                        

Line 3 – Arial Black font, 12 point size, red color      

Line 4 – Verdana font, 10 point size, italic                                                     

Line 5 – Tahoma font, 14 point size, bold, outline, green color                         

Line 6 – Courier New, 16 point size, bold, shadow                                           

Line 7 – Georgia, 18 point size, orange                                                           

Line 8 – Rockwell font, 24 point size, bold, dark gray color.   Border:  Box, Style as shown, Border Colour Red    Shading:  Yellow colour, Style 10% Fill

Center lines 2 to line 8 horizontally                                                              

Page Border:  Shadow, colour purple                                          

Center the page vertically                                                                                      

Insert an appropriate clipart as shown on the printout.  Resizing is required.

Save this assignment in your Y: drive, in the WordPerfect folder, with the following filename:  word1 and submit appropriately