Physical Education with Jody Mulligan



                       Physical Education



                      A Gold Medal School


*Good Sportsmanship

*Organized Walk to School Day

*Gold Medal Mile

*Presidential Fitness Test

*Jump Rope For Heart


*Bullying Prevention

*Golden Sneaker Award

*Tracking Miles

*No Junk Food Awards

*Olympic Field Day

*Community Service

                                       *Annual 5K Event


What’s going on in P.E?


September                October                       November                   December

PK            Movement and            Ball Handling                     Equipment                Sports

            Space Awareness


K-1st             Movement and             Ball Handling             Equipment                Sports

            Space Awareness


2nd       Fair and Share            Soccer                         Equipment                Bowling

            Tag Games


3rd-4th Fair and Share             Soccer                         Basketball                  Bowling

            Tag Games


5th-6th              Sportsmanship            Soccer                         Basketball                  Bowling





            January                      February                     March                         April

PK            Animals and tag            Equipment                Ball Handling             Sports


K-1st Tag Games                        Equipment                Kick Ball                 Sports


2nd       Field Hockey                       Team Building            Kick Ball                 Volleyball


3rd-4th Field Hockey                       Flag Football                       Kick Ball                 Volleyball


5th-6th Field Hockey                       Flag Football                       Kick Ball                 Volleyball     





PK       Relays and Water Games


K-1st    Relays and Water Games


2nd       Relays and Water Games


3rd-4th Relay and Water Games


5th-6th Relay and Water Games



Monthly Physical Education Events


September: Organized Walk to School Day, Sportsmanship, and Bullying Prevention


October:  Red Ribbon and Preparing for Jump Rope for Heart


November:  Jump Rope for Heart


December:  Eat This Not That! Bulling Prevention


January:  Presidential Challenge Fitness Testing


February: Brain Gym  


March:  Gold Medal Mile


April:  Community Service, Bulling Prevention, and preparing for 5K


May:  5 a Day Grocery Store Tour and 5K event





Parents, (For Your Information)


Warm up and Cool downs last around 5 min each.  All of the activities follow the Gold Medal Standards.  See…


Incentives:  The children will work to be respectful, be responsible and be safe during P.E. class (Big 3), by doing this five consecutive weeks in a row, the children will earn a free choice in P.E. Class and chose any activity they would like to do during P.E. time.


Taking a break:  The children may choose to take a break for themselves, or the teacher may chose for them.  If you “Take a Break” you will walk around the outside of the play area and cool down and calm down.  Children will be asked to come back to the game when ready.


No Sitting out:  No child will be “Out” of a game, and asked to sit down.  For example if a child gets tagged they will have to do five jumping jacks and they are back in the game.  Every child will get maximum physical activity during P.E. class!


Example of a P.E. Class:  Every class begins with a warm-up, which may be stretching, yoga, muscle work, running, or a game.  Then a skill or lesson will be learned, followed by practice.  Following the skill or lesson, we will go into a group game or motivation collaboration, this is to get everyone back and united.  Ending with a cool down, witch includes stretching, breathing, calming down, and chatting.


Tracking Miles or Walk Across America: Because we are a Gold Medal School, the entire school will track the activities done during P.E. and be converted into miles.  The students will pick a place to walk, run, jump, or skip to during the year, while tracking it on a map and hopefully we will reach our destination by the end of  the year. 


5K Event:  The entire year the students will be preparing for the 5K event that falls in May.  The older students will learn how to run longer distances and learn when to rest or walk.  It is an amazing event that supports our school, in order to get things such as new math programs, leveled reading books, computer equipment, and so on.  We would love to make this a school wide event.  There will be more information provided closer to the event day.   


Things Needed:  If you have some sports equipment in your garage and are looking to clean out… I would love to teach badminton and ping pong this year, but do not have the supplies.  Also needed are some swim noodles, beach balls, stretchy muscle bands, and any size foam or soft ball that do not hurt if you get hit.  


                                                                                                Thank You,

                                                                                                Jody Mulligan


                                                                                                (801) 274-0649