Microgreens seeds

Microgreen And Its Health Benefits


Microgreens seeds are one of the healthiest food in the world, and the best part, you can plant them in your kitchen garden, and if you are living in a place that has limited space, any small area will do the job even a container. Microgreen Seeds are nothing but small plants that are planted with a seed and get mature into small tender plants much like shoots. They are getting popularity by different names like microgreens, micro vegetables, micro herbs, and edible flowers. In India they are famous for microgreens, you can find various Microgreen Kits if you look at Microgreens Near Me on Google. Aside from this if have incurred the habit of having microgreens you can signup for the Healthy Food Subscription Box as they will take care of your daily dose of healthy eating.


If you want to grow them at home, they get grown very easily and perfect to use for as little as 5 days old to the 6 weeks, based on the type of microgreen and preference. If you are not familiar with gardening get them online, search Buy Microgreens India and you are good to go.

Microgreens and Nutrition


Microgreens are dense with nutrition. While their concentration of nutrients may vary, most classes likely to be rich in potassium, zinc, and copper. They are great sources of antioxidants too if you want to remain ageless sprinkle some microgreens and enjoy the blessing of staying young forever.


What’s more, their nutritional value is dense, which confirms they hold an ample amount of vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant levels than the full-size version of them. Studies revealed relating microgreens to more mature greens states that they have higher nutrient content than the full-size green vegetables sometimes up to 10 times. The same studies also found that they are richer in antioxidants too.


Why You Need Microgreens


Eating vegetables is famous for its health benefits. This is because of the high amounts of nutrition the plant compounds have and makes it even more important to eat them.

Microgreens have a similar amount of nutritional value as the full-size vegetables and sometimes even more. As such: they are certainly helpful in dealing with the following diseases.

Heart Problems: Microgreens are a trusted and known source for polyphenols, a type of antioxidant greatly helpful in easing heart disease and other problems related to the same. Studies were done on the animals revealed, subjects treated with the polyphenols had a significant drop in bad cholesterol.


Alzheimer’s disease: Antioxidant-rich foods, including those rich in the polyphenols, are proven to deal with the problem of Alzheimer’s disease. As well as it increases your brain activity.


Diabetes: Antioxidants found in the microgreens helps in deflating the stress that works as a barrier for the sugar entering into the cells. Researchers confirm fenugreek microgreens promising in enhancing the cellular sugar uptake by 40%.


Microgreens are great in flavor and easily get blended into any dish making it even more delicious and healthy. They’re also helpful if you trying to achieve certain goals such as weight loss or taking care of diabetes. On top of all these benefits, they are pocket friendly too.