Final Project

Topic: Your choice of subject or author (with approval by Mr. Roesch). Subject/author must be from the time period 1865-1945. If you select an author, you will focus on the impact of the times on his/her work. You must have your topic selected and approved by 8th period Wednesday, April 6th .
Length:This paper is to be 3-5 pages in length. It must be typed in 12 pt. type, double spaced, and is to have 1 inch margins on all sides.
Sources: Must have a minimum of three (3) sources. At least one of the three sources must be a primary source. If encyclopedias are used, they do not count toward the source minimum, however they must still be included in your Works Cited.
Due Date:  The end of 8th period on Friday, April 29th. Absence is not a valid excuse for the paper not being turned in. A letter grade will be deducted for every day the paper is late. (5 minutes late on Friday the 29th is the equivalent of 1 day) Satisfactory completion of this paper is required in order to receive a grade for 2nd semester. All papers need to be      e-mailed to Mr. Roesch at Do not plagiarize you will receive a zero for the assignment.
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