Extra credit

Extra Credit Assignment

Due to my inbox by Friday May 13 

Human atrocity PowerPoint: Extra CreditStudents will choose one of these atrocities:African Slavery, Jewish Holocaust, Rwanda genocide, Native American movement, Iraqi genocide, Ukrainian genocide, or Darfur crisis.

Students will need to research their topic and prepare a 5 slide PowerPoint presentation. Students will also present their information to Mr. Roesch during their advisory class.  Key information needed; background information, number of casualties, when (dates), where (map of region), how (how and why was this allowed to happen), and who is responsible for the crisis. Some picture can be included however, pictures are not required due to graphic nature of genocide. How do you get more points? Write a 3-5 page paper with at least 3 sources, cited properly, with a works cited page. Cite all sources including on PowerPoint. NO PLAIGERISM!!!!!