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How to write a perfect memory?


The thesis is an exercise that is often a source of worry and difficulty ... and marks the end of student life and the beginning of working life. digit school offers you a complete guide to approach it with serenity: choose your subject, formulate your problem, write the intro, the conclusion, and the thanks ... until the defense! Write Essay Today gives you the 8 key elements summarized on which you must pay your attention to make a perfect thesis:

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Choose your topic carefully

Some students tend to think that you have to choose a dissertation topic as quickly as possible to start writing quickly. The right approach is the opposite: choosing your subject takes time. You must indeed read many research documents, think carefully about your subject and its angle of attack, and have a relatively precise general view when you validate your subject.


Write a concise and precise introduction

The introduction of the dissertation is the first impression you will leave on your examiner. Remember that he corrects a lot of assignments and that you need to get his attention positively. Your introduction must not exceed 10% of your memory and must be as precise as possible: You must raise certain issues raised by the subject and announce a plan which must ultimately answer them. To support and facilitate the reading of your thesis, please include a summary and a table of contents.


Structure your memory

Even the most recalcitrant among you will have to comply with it: there are very precise substantive and formal conventions. For example, you have to type your work and have it bound, the size and font of the characters must be standard and identical throughout your thesis. Concerning the construction of the dissertation, there must be an introduction, a problem, an empirical part in which you develop your subject, and, finally, a concluding part, or even appendices.


Provide a complete and detailed bibliography

When you rely on work done previously, or various and varied sources (books, manuals, newspaper articles, websites ...), you must cite them in a bibliography which is generally located at the very end of your memory. Do not neglect this page which gives credibility to your work.


Pay special attention to your conclusion

If the introduction is the first impression you give of your work, the conclusion is the last. You must therefore make a perfect conclusion to convince your corrector of the quality of your memory. It must respond to your problem while leaving an opening.


Read your thesis many times

Spelling or syntax errors are always the worst effect and sometimes even give the impression of a job, delivered in a hurry. You've worked hard to finish your thesis, don't let a few careless mistakes ruin this work. One or two proofreads will not take much time and are necessary. Don't hesitate to have it read to a friend, your roommate, or a member of your family.


Train for your oral defense

If the writing of the thesis is the first part of the work, the second is the oral defense before a jury. As with all public speaking, you must prepare yourself for it properly. Use as few notes as possible and practice speaking in the most natural way possible.


Digs into the subject 

Your jury will certainly ask you more or less tricky questions: try to anticipate them as much as possible! Leave no gray area, master every aspect of your subject. You can also document yourself or read a little more specialized work that you will not mention in your thesis to be one step ahead of your jury.