Winter Style 

3 Tips for Choosing a Winter Wedding Style




Winter is not generally seen as the wedding season but more and more couples are considering this because of the beauty that winter provides. It can serve as a beautiful background and the resulting pictures will be stunning. If this is something you are considering or if you are attending a wedding during the winter months, there are a few things to consider and wedding attire is one of them. This aspect will be different from spring or summer weddings and you will have a variety of options to choose from as you don’t have to worry about blazing heat.

If you have a winter wedding, be sure to consider the following style tips:


Do not Mix with Backdrop


Snow can be pretty but you need to stay out, so try to stay away from the white button up and choose a darker tone instead. Darker outfits are more appropriate for formal events during the winter and both navy or black are appropriate. You should pair your outfit with the shirt and tie in the same color as you will all stand out for the right reasons. You will look stylish and trendy without being overwhelmed. Some people think that black is unacceptable for marriage but this mentality is old and black is very fashionable.


Look Stylish While Staying Warm


It’s not surprising it will be cold, so you need to be prepared. This means you need an outfit that is stylish but perfect for cold temperatures; Otherwise, you may freeze and your night will be very restless. When the wedding will be indoors, you will have to get out of the car by car and some ceremonies may take place outside the home, so it is best to dress accordingly. A cashless suit that blends with cashmere or silk is a great choice because the fibers are luxurious and warm, meaning your suit will be very flattering and give you an overall sharp look.


Mix and Match Different Clothes


This is a great way to enhance your style and winter weddings are the perfect places to mix and match light and heavy fabrics. You can add a warm silk scarf to your outfit or even wear a suitable sweater under your outfits. While it’s important to stay cozy, you shouldn’t have to compromise on styling, so play with different devices and colors, and even with a smart pool nana coat.


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