SS- Lessons from the Past

Students should have finished reading Chapter 5.

Chapter 5 Exam- Friday, 9-2-2011

Monday, 8-29-2011 -  Guidance - Jeopardy Game.  Teamwork, Bullying, Getting Along, and Respect Differences.

HW:  Construct a timeline of major events from 1820 through 1861.

Tuesday, 8-30-2011 - Lesson Objective:  Identifying major events and analyzing their importance.

HW:  Study all material on chapter 5.  Strickland's HR- Finish listing key facts and writing brief description about each key fact.  (minimum of 8 key facts)

Wednesday, 8-31-2011 - Finish timelines.

Thursday, 9-1-2011- Chapter Review p172 & 173

HW:  Finish Chapter Review