How many hours a day you should play PUBG to become better?


How many hours a day do you play PUBG to become better? 


Are you the only player in your squad who plays like a noob and always wonders "how to get better at PUBG" or how many hours a day do you play to become better?


Before moving to the Answer to the above question, let's just quickly check out the list we have made for Pubg beginners which will help them to become pro players and you can also take a look even if you are already good at Pubg.


So without wasting any of our gamers time, let's hope onto the Pubg Beginner tips 2022

Pubg Beginner tips 2022


  • First of all, if you are a beginner, make sure to explore all the dimensions of the game for better knowing such as Maps, maps where to land, etc.


  • Keep changing your position, as once you knocked out an opponent, your location gets revealed.


  • Don't Rush instantly after seeing the opponents, make sure is it an only player or it is a squad, make a strategy with teammates or if you playing solely, avoid taking at as it is very very rare that you can eliminate a whole squad.


  •  Throw Molotov on the entrance of the room will avert enemies from reaching you.


  • Try to eliminate the driver first if you see a vehicle is passing by as it halts the vehicle and creates chaos for the opponents, giving you chance to lay down more enemies.


  • Take shadow of bushes, it can help you to hide and surprise y,f you are using DP-28 or M249, Always keep one bullet on the magazine for faster reloading.


  • Use Peeking buttons, peeking buttons will help you to peek and take a shot without exposing your whole body.


  • If you have seen pro pubg playing, the knock rush until they knocked out the opponent of the team.

You have to do the same to stay alive longer.


As we promised lets to move to answer what you have questioned above.


How many hours a day do you play PUBG to become better?


From our in-depth research, it has been seen that playing 6 hours a day is enough and healthy to become better at Pubg aka BGMI.

Even BGMI has a time limit of 6 hours a day gameplay to make sure players enjoy the game without getting addicted to it.



We believe that Pubg beginners tips that we have provided and the answer to the question 'how many should you play to become better at PUBG" will meet your expectations and satisfy your curiosity.