Johns Creek Elementary 3rd Grade

Below are the announcements for week of October 8th to 12th, 2012

Today is the last day of the 9 weeks grading period and report cards will be sent home on October 17th.

We are currently participating in "Pennies for Patients". The money goes to research of cancers of the blood like leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma.  We will be taking up money for the next two weeks and the winning homeroom will win a pizza party.

The school is also participating in "Quarter Daze". This program helps raise money for shoes for our students here at Johns Creek. The shoes will be kept and given out at our Family Resource Center.

October 26th students will be given a special snack. Time and more information will be sent home at a later date. Students may bring special treats to put in treat bags in the classroom.

Fundraising Packets are due in to School by October 12th. Money MUST be collected and turned in by this date.

Accerated Reader- For the second nine each child needs an additional 8.75 points on top of the points they had at the end of the first nine weeks. The reward for the second nine weeks is a field trip to the movies. By the end of the year students are expected to have 35 points with 80% accuracy.

Book-It: Remember to have your students writing down books he/she may read. Students must log 15 books and parent sign. When paper is returned to school students will be rewarded with a certificate for a free pizza from Pizza Hut! Please encourage your child to read!

Math: Students will have review on Multiplication Quiz on Friday over 0-5's. Students will start comparing, ordering, and rounding numbers this week. Rouding is a difficult concept for 3rd graders. Any help at home will be greatly appreciated.  

Reading: Adopt-A-Tree Project:  Due October 19th. Please help your child find a tree and make a poster about their tree.

One Small Place in a Tree Test on Friday. Study guides will be sent hom Thursday. Please  go over the vocabulary words with your child.  

Language Arts: We will continue working on nouns. Students will have a Nouns Unit test on October 16th. Study guide will be sent home Firday October 12th.

Social Studies/Math with Mrs. Patierno: Students have a Math worksheet due Tuesday, October 9th, 2012. Students will have a math test over money on Friday, October 12th. Mrs. Patierno will send a study guide home on Tuesday, October 9th.

Southeast and Mid-Atlantic state test next Friday, October 19th. Please encourage your child to study!

Spelling: Spelling test will be given Friday over the word list that is posted under spelling on the top of the page.

Thanks and have a great week!