Mrs. Johnson's 5th Grade Class

Welcome to Mrs. Johnson's 5th Grade Class! 

Welcome to Mather Elementary School and 5th grade!  My name is Mrs. Sarah Johnson.  This will be my sixth year teaching in Munising.  The subjects I will teach your child are English, science and reading.  Mr. Gendron will be teaching 5th grade math and social studies.  We believe in a team approach and look forward to working with you in this process.

Each student receives a free planner and homework folder from the school.  We believe these are extremely useful tools in helping students become organized fifth graders.  Each day the assignments are written on the board for everyone to write in their planners.  We recommend that parents look at these daily to see that they are being used and to check for up-coming events.

If your child is absent from school, please notify the office that day by calling 906-387-2102.  If your child misses more than one day, please call the office to make arrangements to pick up absent work.  If you need to relay a message or deliver anything to your child during the school day, please contact the office and they will see that your child gets it.

Tips for Student Success

  • Have a daily homework time.
  • Set up a study area with supplies.
  • Give yourself a break every 15-20 minutes.
  • Do the hardest things first.
  • Plan ahead for projects or tests.
  • Always turn in homework on time.
  • Do re-do’s
  • Ask questions
  • Always try your best!!