Incentive Program



  1. Classroom rules, when broken, will result in a demerit.
  1. Every three weeks, all fifth grade students will meet and names will be drawn for prizes.  Anyone having a demerit for the previous three weeks will be ineligible to win.  Prizes are to be procured by the principal.
  1. At the end of the semester (mid-Jan.) and at the end of the school year, those students with six or fewer demerits for the previous eighteen-week period, are eligible to attend some sort of activity, to be decided on at a later date.


  1. ALL assignments must be turned in.
  2. Any completed assignment with a grade of “C” or lower (D, E) can be redone by the following day to receive a “C+”.  This does
    not include quizzes or tests
  3. Late assignments are given credit for completing the assignment, but the grade is an "E".
  1. If an assignment is not turned in at all during the marking period, the entire grade will go down one whole grade (e.g. B+ will go down to a C+).
  1. Grades will be accessible through powerschool.