Types of Shower Faucet

Showerhead is an important bathroom accessory. Choosing right showerhead decides your shower experience. There are variety of showerheads available in the market, each one has its pros and cons. Before buying showerhead consider your requirement and interior of the bathroom. You can easily buy all the types of showerheads from Chinese faucet manufacturers. Here are a few options from which you can choose the best shower head for your bathroom.


  1.       Fixed Showerhead

A fixed showerhead is a standard bathroom shower that has a fixed showerhead. This shower is fixed to the wall with a short pipe that allows water to flow through the head. It is immobile, but small-angle adjustments can be made. You can coordinate it with the tub spout or sink faucet. The showerhead has a variety of spray patterns for the showerhead itself.


The benefits of the showerhead are easy to install, minimal water wastage, and has a long lifespan. You can buy it from the bathroom faucet manufacturers.


  1.       Handle head showerhead

If you are looking for a multi-purpose shower for your bathroom, a handle head is the best pick for you. The base of the showerhead is connected to the hoes, which deliver the water to the heat. A flexible hose provides you the luxury to clean and scrub the shower smoothly. The installation of the handle head is easy. The water source goes straight into an immobile pipe that extends from the wall.


The benefits of a handle head showerhead are, they are flexible and can be brought down to take a bath. It can be used by people to bathe their pets and children easily. It is available in different finishes like black and brass bathroom faucets.




  1.       Overhead Shower

The overhead shower is also called a rainwater shower head as the water trickles overhead and falls around your body. There are two types of overhead showers. The first option is for the showerhead to come directly out of the ceiling, which can have any shape or configuration. The installation of such showers is quite tricky and it is best to install them while you’re building the bathroom. The second type is an overhead shower extending from the wall. Just like a showerhead, but the pipe and shower arm will be extending out from the wall and bend at 90 degrees.


You can experience rainwater flow in your bathroom daily. All the overhead showers are available in different finishes like brushed nickel and chrome bathroom faucet.


  1.       Tub Faucet

Many showers are installed with a tub in the shower. This setup allows a person to utilize the space to take shower. Always consider the tub faucet while purchasing the bathroom shower. Many brands sell tub faucets and showers as a single package. You get a shower head, tub faucet, and diverter in the package. Moreover, some brands also provide a thermostatic valve with the diverter. The diverter is an important tool to assemble the tub and shower combination.


You do not need to invest money in shower and tub faucets individually. Buy this package and get two in one at an affordable price.